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Globus Hystericus

I have been diagnosed medically with a chronic, non threatening condition called Globus or
Globus Hystericus.  You feel there is a lump or other assortment or "things" feelings or
sensations "stuck" in your throat when in reality nothing is there!  The sensations change
in their feeling each day (one day a "toothpick" next day a hard "nail") obviously I am speaking
metaphorically just so you can understand the horrible sensations and how upsetting it is
to live with this when nothing can be done!  Everyone agrees it is anxiety, severe depression
driven-sometimes my tongue even goes numb or tingles which can be caused by dry mouth,
medications, but usually anxiety as well.  I am seeing a social worker, church counselor and
nurse/psychiatrist who has me on two anti-anxiety meds and prozac and I am getting a new
MD doctor who can also prescribe meds.  I've even tried energy healing and self hypnosis!
The meds (especially Xanax) really are the only things that help this condition on me.  Do
you (anyone) think this could be thyroid or parathyroid related?  I have an appt. coming up
with a new MD doctor-would it be worth having thyroid checked.  I have no goiter or any
symptoms of Grave's Disease or other thyroid symptoms.  Does anyone out there have
this Globus thing and if so any advice HELP!  Thanks MF
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I have been diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism, and within the last month I have been having mild globus sensations.  I don't know if it is related to the hyperparathyroidism (possibly a parathyroid adenoma pressing on the base of my throat).  I have also been experiencing mild anxiety (a symptom of HPTism), so it may also be related to that.  I am scheduled to have a parathyroidectomy in late January, and I am hoping the sensation goes away with that.
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I know this is an old post but BOY does it strike home!!  I'm hoping you'll read it or at least it will help others.  EVERY sensation you mentioned I have!
I had a suuden onset of the "lump in the throat" thing about 3 months ago now.  It TERRIFIED me so I ran to the doctor ASAP. I already knew I had a large (4.7mm) thyroid nodule that had been long standing and always biopsied benign.(over 15 years)   EVERY jumped on that as the cause but I wasn't satisfied so I had them check also with an endoscopy. NOPE...nothing physical in the throat. The ENT also did a larynoscopy and found my vocal cords in perfect working order.  I ended up having a rightlobectomy 3 weeks ago.  I'm sorry to say that the sensation, while better, is still there. I have heard though it can take up to a year for that to go away! :(  
Yours could DEFINITELY be thyroid related...or not.  Maybe we are all just crazy. LOL
PLEASE respond and let me know how you are doing with it.  My GP had me start on Zyrtec for Post Nasal Drip (also another possible cause of Globus) I was also having mild occasional ear pain after the surgery. I have to say....I'm thinking the Zyrtec MAY be helping, too soon to say.
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