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Gluten free for a week, not well, reduced dose also

I have posted here before about how difficult has been for me this last year when my cluster headaches started and had not gone away. My primary determined it was not my thyroid because we moved my doses every three months or so and nothing worked. I finally decreased it since my FT4 was too high as well as my reverse.

Since along with the headaches I started to lose weight and get constipated among other things (and my hair loss got worse) I did some testing and my vitamin D is 14. I am now in a large dose weekly and I do not see any difference.

I went to the GI and did endoscopy and I don't have celiac

I went to the nutritionist one week ago and she said I need to add more carbs to my diet, since I was not eating much and also protein (and read meat since I don't eat them), because that is why I was losing my hair. She also asked me to try a gluten free diet for three weeks to see how I feel.

I have been reading good posts here about experiences with gluten free diet, but I am sure if it has really made a difference in those with only intolerance. To be honest it has been only one week and I am eating more carbs (gluten free bread and crackers and potatoes) and more dairy, because of the protein (lactaid, Greek yogurt and cheeses), but I am even more bloated than before and I don't want to eat anymore....it is a vicious circle.

I was thinking about going dairy free, but I am wondering if I should wait more on the gluten free diet.Maybe the carbs are making me bloated?

Plus I started two weeks ago magnesium supplements and last week I started to get hives as I was increasing my dose. I am only taking for two days now 400mg and I had a lot of hives in my face yesterday. I am still constipated, not sure if that is causing me the bloating. Magnesium has given me a soft skin and in general I feel more "moisturized"  so I am not sure I want to give it up. Although my cluster headaches are still there and going worse day by day.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Though it can require a lot of patience, there really is no substitute for making ONE change at a time so that you can truly evaluate what the change did.  For that reason, I'd definitely give the g/f diet the full three weeks the nutritionist suggested before making any more dietary changes.  I went g/f a few years ago for reasons other than thyroid.  I was g/f for close to a year, and I saw no changes to my thyroid condition whatsoever.  There were changes...not for the better.  So give it time to see what it does, but don't hang onto it if it doesn't seem to be doing anything, either.

Both the carbs and the constipation could be causing your bloat, especially if you're unused to eating so many carbs.  About anything "different" can cause bloating.  

It's going to take a while for your D levels to rise.

Perhaps a different brand of magnesium would be better?  Hives are usually an allergic reation.  Maybe the fillers in the supplement are a problem for you.
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After the G/F diet you may want to go Lactose free. I have problems with Lactose....

goolarra...."there were changes...not for the better"

Did you have problems with G/F diet?? Just wondering......
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Thank you for your responses.

I think you are right and I will wait until I can see my nutritionist before eliminating dairy.

I will stop the magnesium today. I just noticed something weird. The hives started a week after I started the magnesium, but almost the same day I started the gluten free diet. I noticed that I had them yesterday after breakfast, and they came back tonight. The only thing that I have eaten in the morning yesterday and tonight is gluten free bread. Maybe is that. I will stop the magnesium first and then I will see. Thanks.
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I went g/f because a friend suggested the diet to me.  I didn't do it for thyroid reasons, and back then, I don't even know if it was being touted as good for thyroid.

Anyway, no, I did not have a good experience.  I ended up with some g/e problems that really were not pretty and ultimately had to have some minor g/e surgery.  In retrospect, I'm sure that I should have abandoned the g/f diet long before I did, but I had gotten myself into a place where I was afraid to make ANY changes until my new symptoms went away.

If a new diet, supplement or medication (most, anyway) doesn't make you feel better, then it's probably not worth pursuing.  Any benefit to your body from these things is going to make you feel better.  If you don't, then you probably don't need it.

I'm 61, and any upset in the applecart, even if it might be considered beneficial by someone younger, can upset lifelong habits ...something you might not want to do without careful consideration.
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Try changing your carbs.  Opt for vegetables over the crackers, bread and potatoes.  Veggie's, are complex carbs and take longer to break down in the stomach; that might eliminate the bloating/constipation.  

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If you are not gluten intolerant I highly advise against doing the diet. I did for a year, my thyroid got worse, and I developed nutritional deficiencies. I also developed other diseases. I don't know if this was caused by gf,  but if you don't need to I would choose another way of eating healthy.
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