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Going hypo for scans....

TT Dec 07 RAI for pap carc Feb 08

I went off my Levothroid on the 16th of last month to have a full body scan 3 weeks later. I began my Levo again a day after the scan. I'm having some very strange symptoms and I wondered if I may be experiencing severe hypothyroidism. Have you ever been doing sit ups and your stomach muscles start to burn? All of my muscles feel like that. My arms, my legs, my back, etc. When i move my muscles feel weak and slow. My hands and ankles are far more swollen than usual. I've gone hypo for tests before but the last time I did, my doc put me on a very high dose of Levo right afterward to bring my TSH back down. This time, I just went back on my normal dosage. Has anyone had something like this? Are these new symptoms hypo-related or should I be worried that something else is wrong?
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Hello darksun, I think its hypo? I just had blood work done this week and I went from hyper to hypo in less than 30 days and boy I sympathize with you. I would ask your doc to check your blood work in 3-4weeks to make sure it gets closer to normal for you. Glad to see you post and that things are going ok for you. Take care <3 K
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I went hypo from hyper and I noticed that about muscles aching without doing much activity such as working out would normally do,  The swelling of the hands and feet face is swollen due to hypo.  I do wish that being normal would come soon and solve all these problems.  I am also taking that medicine and the doctor says I am close to normal  6.4  
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