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Goiter discomfort

Hi All, this is my first time at this site so thanks in advance for any answers you can give me. After a lifetime of being blessed with excellent health (I am nearly 62) my doctor noticed about a year ago that I have an enlarged thyroid on my left side. It's not super large, but is easily visible when I swallow. I quickly saw an endocrinologist, who did a biopsy, and I was extremely relieved when he told me there was no cancer found. Now about a year later I have noticed a little discomfort in the area. I wouldn't really call it a pain, but maybe more of an ache, and the past 24 hours it has actually felt like a more noticeable muscle ache, but I don't think I've done anything to cause a muscle ache there. So my question is whether it is normal for an enlarged thyroid (or goiter) to cause some discomfort or to ache. The doc did tell me all my thyroid levels are still normal, so at least I don;t have that aspect of it to worry about! Thanks again for any answers!
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It's not unusual for a goiter to cause a feeling of "tightness" or "fullness".  Could that describe what you are feeling?  If so, some people find that selenium relieves this.  Be sure to follow label directions since too much selenium is worse than too little.

Please post your thyroid test results with the reference ranges from your own lab report.  Thyroid test ranges are notoriously flawed, and "normal" isn't always normal.

Thyroid meds can help reduce a goiter.

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