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Graves Disease and allergy shots

Are Graves Disease and allergy shots compatible?  I've had RAI and am on Synthroid.  My seasonal allergies (as well as dust mitea, etc.) are very bad.  I understand that allergies are also a type of autoimmune disease in itself.  Elaine Moore tends to believe that immunotherapy (allergy shots) makes Graves Disease worse, and can possibly bring on the Graves Eye Disease.  She recommends that allergies be treated with the cortisone-type nose sprays and antihistimines instead, because of the nature of an autoimmune disease.  I was about to start shots, but now I am reconsidering.  Does anyone have information on this subject?  Thanks!
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I dont have allergy shots but have spent some time on prednisolone and Antihistimines (TELFAST - 24HR 120mg) that made my FT3 level plummett.

I have also not had the flu jab for 12 years as for 7 years in a row it gave me Pneumonia.
I avoid ALL injections....except labs

My Doc always said that the immune system fights itself with Graves antibodies so that any new live vaccines would upset the antibodies.
I havent had flu for 12 years now but have got a sore throat and chest infection at present due to severe stress the last 10 months so expected my immune system to be low especially waking up to 3 degrees celcius weather! lol

Hope that heps you.
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You have given me some great information, which leads me to more questions.  So, your doctor advised against live vaccines?  The flu vaccine that I get is a killed virus, so they say.  I wonder about the pneumonia vaccine.  I've been going to get it, I'm 63.  Also, were your flu shots live vaccines?  How soon after the shots did you come down with pneumonia?

Twice, once in the late fall and again the first of May, I caught a flu-type virus that included a terrible cough that wouldn't go away.  It was diagnosed as asthmatic bronchitis, which I have never had in my life.  I had to be on Flovent inhaler (cortisone) to make it stop.  I saw an allergist, and he said I'd probably need to stay on it for a year, and hope the asthma symptoms disappear, which he said often happens with time.

I was going to be skin tested for allergies and start shots to help get things under control.  Now, I'm thinking that might not be such a good idea.  I sure don't want to upset the Graves antibodies and make things worse for myself.  I'm afraid the allergist isn't very knowledgeable about autoimmune diseases, because I asked him if there was a connection where Graves would make my allergies worse.  He said no, there was no relationship between the two.  That didn't make sense to me at the time, so I've started to research it.  It just seems like the immune system would be compromised by an autoimmune disease like Graves.  

Now I have to learn what to do or not to do as far as allergy shots, or any vaccine shots.  What about the Shingles vaccine?  It is highly recommended for people over 60.  I have to know for sure what the risks are before I take any more vaccines.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

I hope additional people write with their experiences, so I can piece something together from what you all have gone through.

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This is my personal opinion and I am stating that so that there is no misunderstanding here.

I have NEVER ever believed the flu vaccine or the Pneumovax (pneumonia vaccine) to be DEAD.
I would have the flu vaccine and within a week, flu symptoms which then went to my chest and then Pneumonia,,,the final year I had the pneumovax vaccine and ended up in hospital.
That was the last time I ever got a flu vaccine or pneumonia vaccine.
In regards to the shingles vaccine.....you are being injected with the herpes simplex virus so obviously the Graves antibodies are going to react against it but it is your personal preference whether to have it or not.
There has been a lot of debates over vaccines.

In Australia, they were giving the pig flu vaccine when it was still under TRIAL.
They found a few babies actually died from the vaccine and not the swine flu.

I come from a family that lived a 26 year Air Force life in different countries so as you can imagine...I had vaccines all the time as a kid.

I guess its really everyones choice and thats what it boils down too.

Its my personal choice NOT to have any vaccines now and has been for some years.

The elderly are reccommended to have the flu vaccine as they have a low immune system.
But working in Aged Care, I have seen many elderly get symptoms of the flu afterwards and as they are not as mobile as younger people, they tend to get fluid on the lungs (plueral effusion).
If this is not picked up in time, they can die....and the death certificate shows sepsis and pneumonia which in actual fact is plueral effusion....where the linings between the lungs fill with fluid and dont drain off.

As I stated...this is my personal opinion and not in reference in any way as to if you should get the vaccines.
Research more before making your mind up.
Let me know how you go :)
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Thank you for your information and opinion.  I certainly will research more before I agree to allergy shots.  It puts the shingles and pneumonia vaccines in a different light also.  I wonder if the flu shot in the fall would have made me so sick in December.  That's about two months after the shot.  There's so much more I need to know.

Thanks again!
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I am 50 Sandy and havent had the flu since the vaccines were stopped nor the pneumonia.
I do have a chest infection and cough at present though...due to being run down the last 8 months (severe stress) and it is day 5 and the infection is lifting and the chest feels a lot better today.

There is a whooping cough going round in Australia at the moment...kids are getting it full on and adults are getting the sore throat, cough and chest infection.
This is the first time I have had anything like this in 12 years and its on its way out after 5 days so I am rapt.
I also work with disabled and aged care (on the road-going from house to house ) and as its winter here...its obvious I would 'catch' something.
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I was getting shots for allergies for 4 years.  Eight months after stopping the shots I have been diagnosed with graves disease (Did not have any blood work done until I went for annual physical).  Just wondering if I compromised my immune system and now it's backfiring on me.  Beware if you are considering allergy shots.  More studies need to be done.
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Hi I develop Polychondritis during AIT.

Read this information may be help some people.

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