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Iam Graves post RAI plus had adrenal crisis on HC for a year. A naturopath did accupuncture for
Adrenals. It went wrong caused 2 nd adrenal crisis.
He had me take up to 75 mcg of cytomel a day for 4 weeks.
Said it would help. I can't believe I allowed and thought this would help.
I've lowered my dose of armour for 10 months, I'm still very over medicated
And "tissue stimulation". I'm bedbound and have caregiver.
I've seen 3 endos and they don't know what to do. Has anyone
Heard of being over stimulated, not just a high level of hormone in blood.
I'm on beta blockers since I ended up in ER for tachycardia. I'm
Afraid the cytomel damaged my already shot adrenals. Will this over stimulation
Stop? And how do you make it stop. Thx
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"...hyperthyroidism can increase cortisol metabolism. It is suggested that in the individual with hyperthyroidism and adrenal insufficiency, cortisol replacement be increased as much as twofold because of increased cortisol clearance." Excerpt from: Adrenal Insufficiency: Still a Cause of Morbidity and Death in Childhood.
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Thank you that's interesting as my current Endo just lowered my HC. I think I'm going to have to Los Angeles to get help. Most endos do not have the experience with complex thyroid and adrenal problems. They don't know how to manage the HC and thyroid dose. I'm just so sick travel would be very difficult. I think I've exhausted Endo resources here in Las Vegas.

If anyone has had any luck finding a knowledgable Endo in LA, I'd appreciate it. I'd need to find someone who validates severe adrenal fatigue which resulted in an adrenal crisis. And could treat Graves Disease post RAI while on HC. Very complex patient. Thank you very much.
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