I'm on too much thyroid supplementation, I presume based on these numbers, is that correctt, whomever will answer this for me, please doctor?  But my subjective s/s are calling it another way.  My labs generated this:  TSH-0.010; T4-13.7.  Meds are 175 mcgs qd, synthroid, plus cytomel-5 mcgs. bid; however, I've been on this therapy for 38 years.  Is there 1.  a possibility I should be changed from a synthetic; and 2.  the dose lowered?  Would just love some feedback.  Thanks, Sharon, RN

I AM SO SO TIRED, though-the usual s/s-cannot sleep, tired all the time, anorexia,
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Based on the references used by my Endo, you are over medicated.  Free T4 0.6-2.0
TSH 0.3-3.0   Good Luck FTB4
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Both your symptoms and your TSH point to your being overmedicated (hyper).  Do you have the reference range for your FT4?  Different labs use different ranges and different units, so raw numbers are of limited usefulness without ranges.  Also, you should get your FT3 tested, especially if you are considering switching from a synthetic to Armour.

This is the member's forum...people with thyroid problems trying to help each other out.  We are not doctors.  If you want to pose a question for a doctor, you have to get on the expert's forum.
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