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HOW Can This Be Normall?

Needing suggestions!  A long health history but will try to make it short. I have been a walking poster child of hypothyroid which I believe is actually Hashimoto for at least 2 years. (Or whatever is attacking my body in a similar manner). All the culprits - excessive weight gain 40+ (I push myself to exercise excessively with "0" difference and even hurt worse to the point I couldn't walk normal due to pain - I have quit at this point), brain fog, pain, visible drooping eyelids, face puffiness, fatigue, rigged brittle nails, large sections of my hair breaking off (I don't even dare do anything with it due to the amount of loss), thinning outer eyebrows, always feeling like I'm being choked - even have voice changes to weak, raspy gagging voice (several ENT tests along with voice and speech therapy - no help and no answers). I have heart disease w/1 stent (5 yrs ago they told me I was fine, tests were good and ended having a 95% blockage). I have COPD, IBD, Mesenteric Ischemia, osteoporosis high cholesterol, Vit D deficient and most recently, Reynaulds Disease. I am 47, 5'4" female, active and positive (but "depressed and just aging" per my Dr). I am home full time due to my previous voice loss and I am monthly sick with at least one bout of flu like symptoms. I had a complete hysterectomy 20 years ago due to uterine cancer with ruptured ovaries (no estrogen meds due to high cancer risk). Mother has hypothyroidism and maternal grandmother (no other family to compare). I take several heart meds, D3, inhaler, small dose of Xanax. I eat extremely clean and healthy (chicken, fish, vegetables, small dairy, if any, no gluten, carbs sugars or processed foods). And ... You know what's coming ... All my tests I requested are ... Normal with a Dr who works well with my team of doctors due to my other health problems but I believe is an anti-thyroid, tests results only Dr. TSH 1.770 (range .358-3.740), T4 .9 (range .76-1.46), T3 3.41 (range 2.18-3.98), Anti TPO 41.9 (range <60), SED 28 (last month it was @37). I don't understand and I don't know what to do. I seriously feel like I'm stuck inside some foreign body and am so tired of this constant fight and poking and no answers or help. I know my body. I am not vain or a hypochondriac. I just want my life back. Thoughts?
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What is your body temperature? Other labs to ask for - thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) and reverse T3.
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My temps at appts - 97.2, 97.9, 97, 97.8 and one at 98 but I was there for an upper respitory infection.
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I asked regarding those two tests and it was pulling teeth to get what I did. He wanted a cascade thyroid and I demanded it to complete so I could at least get the TPO but did request TgAb. So very frustrating. In 2013 I had the T3 Total 110.94 (60-181)
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Tonight just sitting here I'm at 96.9
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You need to find a Dr who you can convince to give you a trial starter dose of thyroid hormone. Not as easy as it sounds.  But you need to try.

Many people do not feel well until they are substaintially up into the range. Meaning 50% or more.

Specifically a rule of thumb target is to have BOTH of the following:

1) Free T4 to be 50% of the range if not slightly more.  You are currently testing at ONLY 20% of the range. So plenty of room to improve.

AND- That means in addition to the Free T4....

2) Free T3 to be between the upper half to upper 1/3 of the range  or in percentage terms 50% to 67% of the range. You are testing at 68% which is actually pretty darn good.

Many people do not feel well until the balance between the FT4 and FT3 are in line.  While your FT3 seems good, the FT4 is a bit on the low side.

Therefore it may make sense to talk to your Dr to add in T4 medication starting low and see if raising your FT4 levels helps.

Have you also tested for Vitamin D3 and B-12, as well as Iron and Ferritin.

In order to metabolize the Thyroid hormone you need the iron and ferritin.

Also while I doubt it, given your FT3 levels, you might also want to test for Reverse T3 (RT3) if for no other reason to rule it out as an issue.

Just my thoughts.
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Thank you!  I need all the thoughts I can get!  I have been tested and was deficient in D which is crazy as to how but I current take a supplement   Iron is good and also I belie he had done a B12 that was good. The ferritin I'm not familiar with but will look into it. In 2013 I once again required tests (yes it's been a continuous battle) and they did a total T3 that was  110.94 (60-181), tSH .744, T4 .82 (.76-1.46) These all are 2013 readings. My temp is 97's and lately 96's. How do I get a dr to listen?  I even look different. Would you suggest MD, holistic or Endo?  As for trying a med I've teady the basic 3 - thoughts on those?  Thank you!
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I just sent you a PM with doctor info.  To access, just click on your name and then from your personal page, click on messages.
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Thank you for all the great input!  Gives me hope!!!   All the conflicting reviews in meds is my next hurdle because I want to hope treatment starts wit few to non steps backwards.
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