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Hair loss to Graves Disease

I have was diagnosed as having Graves Disease in 2002 and was given a pill to shrink my thyroid. So I have been taking Levoxl ever since. I tend to shed a lot and my hair on the sides and nap always seem to grow a little and then break off. I've been taking hair vitamins for over a year to promoe hair growth and strenghten my hair. But I'm not seeing satisfactory results. Is it my medicine or do I need to take a specific vitiamin to reverse the constant breaking of hair? What can do to help my situation???? Im an African American female.
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It would help to look at the test results you have to support your thyroid problem. Do you have any to share?
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No. What I can tell you is that. I He up my dosage twice and then that got my weight back correct but now I'm losing hair and have been for  2 years now off and on. I know that side effects of my meds is shedding and hair loss. But there should be away to keep my hair?
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