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Has anyone gone into and stayied in remission after being treat for Hypertyroidism?

My levels have been in a normal range now for a couple of months.  The Endo now has me going into his office every two months rather than every month.

Has anyone ever stayed in remission from Hyper T?  Am I just being hopeful?
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What meds were you on?  I hope to answer your question one day with a big YES!  I've heard of people going into remission from HyperT, though.  Maybe you are truly one of the lucky ones!!!  How do you feel??

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I'm feeling much better.  

I am now on 45 mg a week of Methimazole (Tapazole)  and 12.5 mg of Motoporol (Toprol).  They very lowest dose of Toprol, just because my blood pressure spikes up when I go to the doctor (white coat syndrom).  At home bp is somewhat low.

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That's terrific!  Imagine being done with this Hyper deal!  I keep thinking that it's all a big mistake, and I don't have it.  I'm taking 50mg of PTU twice a day, but I didn't have any symtoms before I started it.  Except for my blood tests, of course.  I hope you continue to feel well :)
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I started out at 30-60 mg a day.  I felt awful.  Heartrate was 130 at rest, blood pressure was elevated, was losing weight without trying, very anxious, couldn't sleep.  Knew something was wrong:)  Went in for my yearly physical and the doctor said my numbers were so off that he drew more lab work.  They came back even worse.  Went through all of the testing (neuclear scan) and was sent to an Endocrinologist.  Diagnosed, tested and referred all in less than a week.  Said my numbers, on a scale of 1 to 10, were at about 7-8.  Said most patients were at a 2.  Guess I was off the chart:)

So glad to be feeling better.  Hope you will too....

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I know of two people here -

1 I can not recall her name

2 the other is CarMan - he from what I know is still in remission and haven't seen much of him since he got better. He may lurk a bit here -

maybe try a Personal Message to him - he may respond.
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I was diagnosed with Graves in February.  The endo I started with at that time told me many of his patients take Methimazole or PTU for 12-18 months and achieve long term remission, not needing further treatment.  Unfortunately, after my exam and reviewing my numbers, his experience told him I'd go hyper again as soon as I stopped taking the meds, so we went with RAI.  That was in July and I'm feeling better but still not "normal".  I'm so happy for you and your excellent results and may they last forever!

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Wow guys.  Thanks for all the comments!  Will keep everyone posted as this has been a rought past year getting to this point.  

There are days where I still don't feel "normal", but I'll take that over how I felt at this time last year.  If anything, I'm leaning more toward Hypo, which I've understood is a possibility at the end of the day:)
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How long were you on Methim?  Have you stopped taking it yet? Will you? I am at month 19 and taking 50 MG a week - does your endo want you to go cold turkey? I would like to think there is a methim free future for me too!  Thanks for posting. :)
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Good Morning!

I take Methimazole (2, 5 mg pills twice a week and 1 pill the other five days).  The Endo thinks I could be on this at least a few more months.  He wants to start weaning me off of that dose but haven't discussed the details yet.

Have dropped to a Hypo T range a couple of times now.  Each time that happens, he lessens the Methim dosage.  I was just thankful when he started cutting the beta blocker (Toprol) in half.  That stuff makes me feel like a zombie.  I am extremely hypersensitive to medications which is why the Endo thinks this has all worked for me in the first place.  

Have been very blessed with the group of doctors I've had through this process, especially my Endo.  Very caring and understanding.  Has made this disease alot easier to deal with.
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I was diagnosed with Graves disease when i was 5 years old . i was prescribed a combination of methimazole and synthroid at various doses with them always changing . Soon i was also diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism . When i was 10 years old , my Endocrinologist thought it would be a good idea to try radioactive iodine treatment to get rid of it for good , so i wouldn't have to take so much medicine . So i went through the procedure , all went well , and about a month later my blood tests came back perfectt (: Ever since i have been on remission and i'm about to be 15 years old ! Although it can come back at any time , i'm pretty hopeful that it never will .
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I'd be very interested in seeing your thyroid test results and their reference ranges that the doctor thought were "perfect".  The reason I say this is because many doctors have the "Immaculate TSH Belief' and only use TSH as a diagnostic.  That doesn't work.  When the doctor goes further and tests for FT4 and sometimes FT3, but then uses "Reference range Endocrinology", that doesn't work for many members either.  So if you will post your results and their reference ranges, members can assess the adequacy of your testing and treatment.
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I forgot to also ask if you would look at this list of typical hypo symptoms and see if you have any of these.  

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Hi I came accross this page as just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism graves disease 5 days ago.
Free t4 93.2
Free t3 27.9
TSH 0.01
heart rate 120 at rest
Using 40mg Beta blockers every 8 hours
40mg of carbimazole a day.
I don't know much about hyperthyroidism but doctors seem concerned and are booking me in to hospital as soon as they can. Apparantly t4 levels are highest they've seen so thats an achievement haha.
Any one with info on what to expect at hospital and for the future with hyperthyroidism would be great!
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hi my name is annmarie and i'am glad to say im in remmision 1 year,fingers crossed it last's
i have graves ,was on carbimazole for 2 years doc took me off med's april 2010 and still off them so far so good,i think i feel normal not sure what normal is any more.i was so long being sick.but do feel much better it was a long hard road but got there in the end.my doc had told me from the start i had a 60% chance of going into remmision.so i hope you are as lucky as i was i no it's hard.xxxx their is light at the end of tunnel take care xx annmarie
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Well it has been a while , but i will definitely mention getting a copy of the old results to my GP next time i go (which is very soon due to other issues :P) i have to say that i never really gave my endo's judgement a second thought .. it may or may not explain other things that are wrong :/ thanks for your opinion .
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