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Hashi & Celiac disease (wheat allergy)

I have been highly allergic to wheat since become full blown Hashimoto's 7 years ago. Prior to this I was euthyroid since I was a child. The past 7 years I have had every gastro complaint known to man or woman - went off both wheat and the Levoxyl 3 weeks ago and feel and look better. No more huge puffy skin over my eyes - lost 4 lbs. water weight 1st 3 days and my inflamed thyroid gland went down & I can now swallow and not choke and lay down without feeling like I will suffocate. Has anyone else found wheat allergy to coincide with Hashi? Also, am awaiting lab work for Celiac & my ususual tsh, free t4 - curious to see how they are - usually tsh too high and t4 at very bottom of normal - if my dosage of Levoxyl is raised I go completely hyper - now since off wheat I can't even take my 1/2 of a 75mcg and I get super racing heart, too hot etc. However, I no longer feel hypo and can breathe in deeply and my running distance and times have improved greatly. Anyone else notice major changes when eliminating wheat??
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I don't know but wanted to say hi and let you know I read your post .. others may have some ideas for you ?

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I haven't eliminated wheat yet but I suspect that it is causing me problems.  I'm waiting until after I see the allergist on Nov 3rd in case he orders tests.

Are you going to try a different med instead?
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No, I will remain on Armour, if anything, as the synthetic just has never agreed with me. One note on the allergy - I don't show an allergy to anything on a skin test - it has to be a blood test for Celiac (wheat allergy). Currently, I haven't taken any thyroid meds for a month because when I quit eating wheat my energy went sky hi & now the thyroid hormone (even 1/2 my regular dose of synthetic which ususally gives me no energy) makes my heart race and I get way too hyper . So I can't take anything until after I talk with doc tomorrow.
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I have Hashimoto's and a wheat intolerance. I too gave up wheat and felt much better, BUT have gone downhill again...still not sure yet and the true ceoliac antibodies have only just been taken a few weeks ago...so not sure if that is still causing me grief too. I am still hyperthyroid even though my dose has been cut back too...so who knows!
Unfortunately I cannot go without my thyroxin as I no longer have a thyroid(surgically removed last year...bummer!) Would be good if you can post what your doc says!
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I am another one who has celiac and Hashi + hypothyroid.  I also have dairy intollerance since infancy and probably gluten intollerance since childhood, although no doctor ever figured out the celiac part until after the birth of my 1st child.  Two different opthamologists + gyn suggested Sjogren's, but that was before the discovery of the thyroid problem. So, I am wondering if it has all been thyroid all the time?  Who knows, as so many of the symptoms overlap.  My newest doctor tells me I have Autoimmune Syndrome.  Found out there are 3 different kinds and all of them involve autoimmune thyroiditis (either Hashi or Graves) as a first requirement of the 3 or more autoimmune diseases which come in a cluster. As you know, if you have one AI it is more likely you will develop others.  This is how I mange: I have totally eliminated dairy from all foods + medications and am very careful to eliminate gluten too.  It isn't as hard as it sounds. Keeping it simple is the key.  At home it's easy to make things from scratch and control all the ingredients.  I bake with DF-GF flour mixes or use rice, corn, tapioca, or potato flour in place of regular wheat flour.  In place of dairy when eating or baking, just use rice, nut, or coconut milk. Try to avoid soy milk to protect your thyroid.  Hint: for fabulous breads try using coconut milk!  Eating out is where the real difficulty comes in.  When in doubt about anything on a menu, just order a big dinner type salad (sans croutons) with oil and vinegar dressing (also lemon wedges make a passable "dressing"). This way you can eat almost anywhere with friends without having to make a big fuss or call attention to yourself. In time you it will all become so much easier.  Good eating!
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I don't know if I am or not, but I am sure going to try and cut it out:) Been reading a ton of information on it.
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