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Hashi Destruction/Hyper Phase

Hello all, if you've read my previous posts I've been having dosing issues with my medication for the past month where everything seems to make me go hyper. Now I've been off of my  medication for a while and before that was only taking half of a 25 mcg inconsistantly because I felt like I was getting more and more sensitive to the meds. Now I'm starting to feel hyper! My resting heart rate is up from 60 to around 80 and goes up anytime I do anything (walk/stand up) and I (cough cough) no longer need my laxitives. I still have cold hands but it goes back and forth to hot like i'm having hot flashes (i'm a 23 year old MALE).  My Dr. has no idea what's going on and referred me to an endo next week tuesday and also took my Free t4, t3, tsh, and antibodies for hashi's and graves. I won't have those results till late this week early next week they say! In the mean time I'm worried I'm going more and more hyper. My throat feels tight and uncomfortable and I'm having a ache every now and then right where my thyroid is. Anybody been through this or have any ideas what might be going on in the mean time? I'm afraid my heart is going to start racing eventually and send me to the ER.
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Just remember hypo, hyper or both, many here have lived through it. Most likely you will too. Both hyper and hypo can create anziety, so it can be confusing. And in the begining of Hashimoto, you can roller coaster from hypo to hyper.

There are herbs and suppliments to temporary help deal with symptoms indirectly. valerian root is a good relaxer, even wal mart has it.
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