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Hashimoto disease and birth control pill

2 years ago I started a birth control pill called Yasmin and was on it for 2 years. During this time I was on and off it as it gave me alot of symptoms which included being very emotional, weight gain, low libido and more. These symptoms didn't exist when I started Yasmin, not until probably 6 months in, is when I started noticing that my body wasn't liking it. So I stopped it completely last year around August. I then jumped back on it again around the start of this year around Feb/March because I was worried about falling pregnant (i get very paranoid), my symptoms came back and I started feeling pain in my right leg, so I stopped completely again.

In April I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. They put me on Eutroxsig 75mcg daily and it has been increased over time until now I have recentely visited an Endocrinologist and was told I should reduce my dose and I'm back on 75mcg daily again. I have been feeling horrible, constantly tired/exhausted all the time, very low libido, bloated all the time, loss of concentration etc.

I have done alot of research about the relation between the birth control pill and hypothyroidism and interested in whether this may have caused/triggered my thyroid disease. I stopped birth control and then a month later I get hypothyroidism? there has to be some connection?

Anyway I have been doing alot of research and stumbled across a condition called Estrogen Dominance which can be caused by the Birth Control Pill and how Estrogen Dominance can affect the thyroid.  


I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on this? and if anyone has gone through the same thing.
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It takes antibodies a while to damage your thyroid enough to cause labs to go out of range and/or symptoms to appear.  So, I think it's unlikely the BCP caused your Hashimoto's, however, it may have exacerbated it.  

Estrogen is a thyroid hormone antagonist.  So, discontinuing the BCP could cause you to have to lower your thyroid meds dose.

Please post recent thyroid labs with reference ranges.  What do you take for meds?
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It is said that estrogen dominance can mimick hypothyroid symptoms and the doctors automatically think its a thyroid problem. I also should have mentioned that my periods are very irregular, light and short and my hair keeps falling out.

I am seeing a doctor this weekend and I will be asking for my thyroid test results and I will be also checking my estrogen and progesterone levels. Once I get these I'll post on here the results :)

For meds I take Eutroxsig 75 daily
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I should also have asked if you have the labs on which your hypothyroidism was diagnosed.  What were your TPOab and TGab results?
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One more thing...you should also get the results of the labs that prompted your doctor to lower your meds back to 75 mcg.  When he lowered them, were you having hyper symptoms?
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I do not have any results, they have not given or shown me anything.. but I will be asking when I see my doctor next.

I was on 150mcg 3 days a week and then 75 mcg on the other days, when I visited my endro he told me to reduce it because my anti-bodies were completely attacking my thyroid and yes I was having hyper symptoms which I believe was another reason why he lowered my meds.
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