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Hashimoto thyroditis and High Prolactin level

I have been going through severe depression for last two days so i thought it check with my thyroid friends to see if anyone out there has some kind of similar thing happening.

My new Endo decided to check few more things , which include testosterones level /prolactin level/ LH/FSH  and cortisol level , by the way i am male .
She found my prolactin level is 24 (range 3-18) and all other hormones in low normal range . As i have been complaining headaches /some times vision disturbance / eye floaters , she thinks i may have pituary gland  tumor  which may compress the optic nerve , i am schedule to do MRI on 31st Dec .
I did lot of search on Google and found Hypothyroidism could be because of that reason although i have +ve  TPO antibody. she thinks most of my problem is because of high prolactin level.
I am wondering is anyone out there seeing similar issue or can share some information with me.
I am really stressing out please reply back as many people as they can.
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Please reply , i am really nervour
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Guys common reply, there is no one who has high prolactin level ?
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No but Im very very depressed today!!!! Im hypo and feel really crappy!!!! I feel your pain!
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I can feel your pain , in thyroid some days are really creepy and you just can't do anything .hang in you will be fine ..
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your prolactin level is slightly high, but not terribly considering it is only just above range.  So good that your doc is going to check things out, but possibly nothing to worry about.

I have a pituitary microadenoma, but my prolactin levels were in their thousands (I am female).

I also have hypothyroid.  So they can be related.  But in the case they are related normally one would see low TSH as well as low FT3 and FT4.  Given that you have thyroid antibodies, I would think that the thyroid issues are probably separate.  What has been your experience with your TSH, FT3 and FT4 levels?

Ask some more qs and I'll do my best to answer (however, I'll be out for the next 3 days - going on package tour to china for holiday), so please check back later or send me a message directly.

Best wishes

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Thanks for your response about prolactin level. My TSH/FT3/FT4 took about 3 years to get normalize, do you think other make hormone like FSH.LH and testosterones level are also low normal range , do you think prolactin is responsible for those levels to go low normal ?. For last two times my tsh is kind of in range of 1.0-2.0 otherwise it has been bouncing for 3 years since i diagnose. I am worried about Tumor also , as i have headaches /some vision issues like some time blurry and eye floaters , that can be because of that.
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Prolactin slightly above normal is not anything too concerning and your endo is doing the right thing checking it out. Prolactin can also be increased with certain medications - such as depots and risperdal - so all those things needs to be taken into account.
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So that means with this slightly high prolactin level , it should not be tumor , correct ?.Anyways i will be doing MRI tomorrow but kind of scare.
My other hormones like Testosterone level is low normal , FSH is low normal and  LH is also low normal , Do you have optimum numbers for those hormones or do you know where i can find ?.
I have headaches, slight headedness and some time blurry vision /eye floaters, the more i read on internet it seems like i have tumor which will be clear after MRI .

Is there any connection of prolactin level and hashimoto thyroditis ?.
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Elevated prolactin can be from the thryoid, from medications or from a pituitary tumor - so your doctor is just being prudent.

Up to 40% of pituitary tumors do not show up so a normal report can still mean something is there but your tests are pretty low. However, mine were low and my doctors said oh, for sure you do not have one blah blah blah and 12 years later, I had surgery and sure enough, it was there. I am not telling you this to scare you - but just so that if after your thyroid gets all straight and you still do not feel right, so you keep looking for answers. It ended up that I had two different types of tumors but that is really rare.

Get your doc to also test DHEA - that also influences the male and female hormones as well as what is called sex binding hormone and bio-available testosterone which will test all forms. Every lab has different ranges so you have to get copies of your reports - always do that. Optimum ranges depend on the hormone - some you want to be in the middle (most) some you want to be on the high, some the low.

to Kipp 44 -There is no connection between Hashimoto's and high prolactin. See an eye doctor for visual fields.
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I will post my test results tomorrow , which include FSH,LG, Prolactin,Testosterones level ,Bio available  and others as well .

I believe if i remember correctly my Total Testosterones is 250 (350-1080).
Prolactin is 24 (3-18)

LH and FSH are in low normal range i remember which is probably 2.5(1.7-9.1)  and 3.7 (2.1-10.1). I believe Bio available is 59 (52-160). I will verify in report post again.

I have MRI tomorrow to see where i stand with this tumor thing.

I heard if you have tumor your prolactin must be some where around in thousands or atleast 5 times higher then normal range , any thought here  ?  
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Was your estrodial tested (men have estrogen too)? DHEA sulfate? I would really get a complete look at your thyroid too. I changed my estrogen and had to adjust my thyroid and growth hormone. In my case, I am panhypopituitary and must manage all my medications and levels by taking meds so luckily I found a doctor who looks out for the ramifications of the changes of one can have on other hormones.

Test levels do not necessarily correlate to a tumor. Some doctors think that way but bodies just vary too much.
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I just got call from my doctor about my MRI result, she confirm that i have pittuary tumor with size of 4/5/6 mm , and that can be reason of my high prolactin level/low testosterone level as per my doctor. I need some more help as doctor did not explain lot to me , she was kind of in rush , she said with Bromocriptine medicine the tumor can shrink or may not shrink i need to schedule time with Neurosurgon and discuss my options. I am really nervous, please guys right back and let me know where i stand and what do i do. is the size of tumor is big?
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