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Hashimoto's and Hives

Hello everyone I'm a 24yr old female who has been suffering from Hives for over 7months now and I've seen allergy and Endroconology doctor's and dermatologist and no one seem to know what it is. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and when I had a biopsi done of my thyroid it seems that the left thyroid was enlarge so now I'm getting ready for surgery to remove both because they are no sure if its cancerous or not. Can by me having my thyroid removed help my hives go away? They are painful at times and burn and itch.Has anyone used Olux-E is a foam cream and it actually works when I get my hives. I've also notice if you put an ice pack on when its burning it helps the burn go away...

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Try doing an archive search .. I've seen hives like this before being posted.   Let us konw how you are doing and WELCOME!

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Your problems are almost identical to mine.  I had severe  hives 12 years ago that lasted for 1 year and then disappeared entirely.  They returned 8 months ago and this time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease.  I also have several large thyoid nodules that are to be removed in a few weeks.

I have researched this and seen many specialists, and unfortunately I have been told by my ENT surgeon and endocrinologist that there is no guarantee that the surgery will cure the hives.  The thyroid antibodies found in Hashimoto's and chronic hives are definitely related but your body will continue to produce the antibodies after surgery.  I'm still hopeful that there will be some relief.

I found ice packs to be useful in my first bout but it is different this time.  I also have painful angioedema, and my hives burn and itch.  The only good thing is that they seem to be easing recently and responding to antihistamines much better now than a few months ago.  Good luck!  They usually do go away on their own eventuaully.
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i had hives now an then when i was synthroid, normally it would be all over my body. i switched to armour like 2 weeks ago, i felt pretty good, but 3 days ago, i got up and within one minute, there were a lot of white hives on my legs, it worsen when i was standing. three days in the roll, i had the same hives at the same place. those hives look different from before and doesn't itch too much. it went away by itself in the early afternoon.

i have no idea what that is, if it's armour, wouldn't i have hives after i took it? but i only had it in the morning when i first got up.
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My husband has the same thing and has had some relief with Levothyroxine.  He was hive free for over 18 months and then his body became used to the dosage and the are coming back.  WE are hoping that the new increase in Levo will knock them out again.  It takes several weeks (3-5) to see the results of the meds.  Wishing you all the luck.  This is a horrible ailment.
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I also have Hashimotos diagnosed in 1994 and for the last 9 months have developed hives all over. I have seen the Dermatologist and Allergy Doctors who call the hives Chronic Urticaria. I have had some success with the antihistamines but lately the hives are coming back stronger and stronger. Could the thyroid be going out of whack again?? This whole thing is very frustrating.
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My sister has had a problem with this too. She refuses to get herself tested for the thyroid that runs in the family. I have some, but not that bad. I have hashimotos as well. The only thing I have found to help is zyrtec. Also try and stay away from scents, perfumes. Many people are allergic and they don't realize it. I doubt if you get your thyroid removed it will help. I have one side that is larger as well. I don't want mine to go anywhere, but if they are suspicious its better to be safe. Have you taken any medicines for thyroid, sometimes people are allergic to fillers in those.
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