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Hashimoto's and Vitamin B-12

I just got back from my Endo appt today and received my test results from August. My TSH level is the lowest it has been in 4 yrs finally. But, my doctor wants me to start B-12 injections saying it is real low. Here are my test results. Please help interpret them.
Anti TG  17.5   (<4.1 IU/ml)
Anti TPO  888 (<6 IU/ml)
B-12        349 (213-816 pg/ml)
TSH        0.4161  (0.3500 - 4.9400 u/UI/ml)
Total T3   1.5 (0.6 - 1.6 ng/ml)
VItamin D   29.5 (13.0 - 47.8 ng/ml)
Free T4      0.9 (0.7 - 1.5 ng/dl)

My TSH has been around 2.98, so this is the lowest and my antibodies were usually greater than 1000. Does anyone else have to do B-12 shots? Also, I have been on Vitamin D3.  Is this normal for Hashi patients?
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Are you on a thyroid replacement hormone?  If so, which one, what dosage?  Your FT4 level is very low in the range, indicating that you have hypothroidism.

Your vitamin B-12 is very low in the range; have you tried either liquid or sublingual to see if they help bring up your levels?  

I have Pernicious Anemia, so I do B-12 shots on a weekly basis -- they are typically done weekly for a month, then monthly thereafter, but that doesn't work for me.

It's not "normal" for Hashi's patients, but neither is it unusual.
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I'm currently taking Armour Thyroid 45 mg daily. I take B complex sublingual, but my doctor is saying that isn't going to help much that I need the injections. Not sure if she repeated my B-12 level today when they did my blood work. I go every 3 months for check up and blood draws.
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I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia and I use sublingual B12 spray daily. Sublingual works a charm. :)
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There's probably not enough B-12 in the B complex sublingual that you're taking.  You might try B-12 only (as opposed to the complex) sublingual or liquid and if that doesn't help raise you levels, you'll probably have to go shots.  None of the sublinguals helped me at all.

The shots aren't so bad; they are typically done weekly for a month, then monthly, thereafter.  I do mine weekly because that's what it takes to keep my levels where I  need them.   You can administer them yourself, so you don't have to go the doctor, every time.

How are your thyroid levels doing?  You really need to get that B-12 level up so you can eliminate deficiency as a cause for symptoms.
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I just had the blood draw yesterday, so haven't gotten my results back yet. I was taking b12 2500mcg sublingual tablets and was having rapid heartbeats. That's why I'm shy of taking the shots. I've heard B12 needs to be combined with B6 to prevent the rapid heartbeats.
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Low B-12 levels can cause rapid heartbeats, but I've never heard of rapid heartbeats when supplementing.  

I've also never heard of B6 being able to prevent rapid heart rate. Vitamin B6 often causes very intense dreams/nightmares.  I can't take it, for that reason.

When you get your results back, if you'll post them here, we can make a better assessment.
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Youre FT4 are very low.

Your T3 (total) is towards the upper end.

What is missing is the Free T3. The Free T3 test is superior than the now outdated total T3 test.

I would recommend getting the Free T3 test.

From my unerstanding re-testing for the Hashi's antibodies doesn't provide much useful information.  It is more of a positive or negative test. Once positive for havins Hashi's then that is really all you need to know.  re-confirming that you have it provides nothing really.  Except perhaps how fast it is attacking. But you can do that by  onitoring your symptoms and your FT4 and FT3 levels along with dosage changes and the responses to those changes.

your B-12 is low.  the idea of B-12 only sublingual is good advice to determine if you have pernicious anemia or not. Which oral supplments you swallow the B-12 is not absorbed in the gut.  If taking sublingual B-12 does not raise your B-12 levels it would indicate that in fact you do have an absorption problem and have pernicious anemia and thus would need to take B-12 shots by injection.
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My concern would be the Armour Thyroid because it has Gluten in it.  Have you thought about Naturethyroid?  I was diagnosed with Hashis about a month ago and since then I have gone Gluten free, and my doctor has put me on a T3 supplement.  My T4 was fine, because the hashis is actually leaky gut I have changed my eating habits.  I also have been doing various Liver cleansing because 60% of T3 in system  is converted in Liver.

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