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Hashimoto's and food allergies

Does Hashimoto's put me at risk for gluten sensitivity and other food allergies?
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Once you have one autoimmune disease, you are more likely than the general population to get a second or third.  So, you are at higher risk for developing celiac, lupus, pernicious anemia, etc.  Gluten sensitivity is is not an autoimmune disease, but celiac disease is (characterized by antibodies that can be tested for).  People with celiac have to scrupulously avoid gluten for the rest of their lives.  Many of us with Hashi's have no food sensitivities or allergies.  I have yet to see a study linking gluten intolerance or food allergies to Hashi's, except that, as expected since we are more susceptible,  a population with Hashi's will have a higher incidence of celiac than the general public.  
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On the contrary.  Hashimoto's had been linked to food sensitivities and/or allegies.  In fact most autoimmmune disease can be linked back to food sensitivties.  I would advise 'karbbear' to research further and I highly recommend the book by Dr. Kharrazian, 'Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?' I was just recently diagnosed with hashi's and have enjoyed great success by eliminting certain foods from my diet, i.e. gluten, soy, dairy and corn, as the lab work showed sensitivities in these areas.  I am under the care of a chiropracator in our area and it has done wonders for me.
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I have read the book you reference, and my feeling is that the link between Hashi's and non-celiac gluten intolerance is theory as opposed to scientific proof.

If you have sensitivities to any foods, they are best avoided, and any dietary change that improves overall health (especially gut health with regard to Hashi's) is going to help you feel better. Also, improving your general health and nutrition is going to benefit your whole body.

However, I do not believe that eliminating any food from your diet is going to improve your Hashi's or your general health unless you have a demonstrated sensitivity to those foods.
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I wouldn't say that Hashimotos puts you at "risk" for gluten sensitivity. But it seems to make sense that some people may be sensitive to some foods naturally with or without immune-related disease. For instance, I have never been diagnsoed lactose-intolerant, but can tell you when I eat dairy (milk, ice cream) I expect some flatulence.
I also have a copy of the book that is spoken of by Dr.K. He makes some interesting conclusions worth investigating. I reduced my gluten intake for several weeks and I did seem to feel better gastrointestinally - but it does not necessarily mean that I have gluten sensitivity. To me it means that food is food and some is easier for our bodies to digest than others. As a result I still am reducing gluten, but if I want pizza or spaghetti I eat it and I do not have a "hashi" reaction to it.
If you think there may be a connection betwen your thyroid condition and gluten it cannot hurt to remove gluten and see how you feel. Perhaps consider lab tests like Bertamay has had done to determine food sensitivities.
There are plenty of people that have food sensitivities who are not diagnosed with auto-immune thyroid disease.
I read many comments on this blog that I find curious, but I take from it what seems to fit my situation. I've learned a great deal here.
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I agree with your post. I have found so much helpful information here. And some I read wtih great interest but have found little help. It is a sift and search for helpful information that works for ME!
I too have learned so much from this site.
Thank you ALL for  the posts and replies to questions here!
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You mentioned having Hashi's and having success with eliminating certain foods from your diet.  Have you been tested for the autoimmune antibodies, TPO ab and TG ab, both before and after changing your diet?    
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What lab tests were done that showed "sensitivity" to certain foods?  Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease which produces antibodies that will show up in blood work.  "Sensitivity" is not a disease; it merely means you don't tolerate those foods well.
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