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Hashimoto's and severe menstruation with migraines

I was diagnosed many (10 ) years ago. My GP has finally started treating me more appropriately. However... I have also, for years had sever menstrual cycles, with very heavy flow, painful cramps, irregular cycles, mood swings, throat pain and migraines. All of these things have been increasing in frequency and severity. ( periods are every 1-2 weeks, migraines are 3+ weekly) My GP has been addressing these things individually, but I'm starting to believe that they are all related. My GP has been tracking my thyroid levels ever 1-3 months, and adjusting meds (levothyroxine and Cytomel) as needed. I haven't put together yet how all the symptoms fit with my blood levels, but I do believe it is all related. Should I see an endocrinologist, or stick with my GP. I've become sooooo aggravated with the menstrual cycles, that I have consulted an OB/GYN for a hysterectomy. But if we can correct it with my thyroid, that would be much easier. Also if I could get relief from my headaches, I would be a new woman! I am a single mom of a 3 year old, I am not allowed to bury my head when it hurts, and the Rx meds for migraines make me feel almost worse. So I do what I can, and have to deal with all the physical, emotional effects of a BAD period when ever it decides to show up... my poor little boy, needs a sane mommy that can play with him rather than wincing every time there is a noise or a light turned on. Please help!!!! Where do I go? Where to start?  
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It can be so difficult to take care of children when you don't feel well!  It's very frustrating!  I get headaches premenstrual, but don't know if they are related to the thyroid. I get very bad PMS too.  I have antibodies, but a normal TSH level.  I am still trying to figure things out.  I take a lot of Ibuprophin for my headaches, but if yours are so severe, maybe you need more than that.  Were you diagnosed with hypothyroidism??  Good luck....you aren't alone!
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I have the trifecta of autoimmune - Thryroid, Diabetes, and Degenerative Arthritis of the Spinal Column.  Depression and heavy menstruation cycle which are both associated with Hypothyroidism.  
1) You absolutely need to get your thyroid meds at the right level....unfortunately you have to do this slowly...but it will make a HUGE difference so don't stop just because you don't feel better immediately.  

2) Synthroid or Levothyroxine, because your body is working more efficiently will lower your blood sugar - low blood sugar can give you headaches...so if you have a headache eat something.  

3) If you have heavy menstruation you may also have low iron and or low B-12 ...take supplements so you aren't anemic...as anemia can also give you headaches and/or try a Mirena IUD to stop or at least reduce your periods.  (This type of IUD releases progesterone.)  However, DO NOT take with your Thyroid meds at the same time as vitamins or even iron fortified cereal (e.g. thyroid in am and iron in pm)

4) You may need to take an anti-depressant (Fluoxetine, Prozac, Sarafem)  If you get headaches and also notice you are emotional or experience intense anger.  You're not crazy, but there is a chemical inbalance that is out of your control.

5) Your thyroid dose may need to change seasonally - I take 50mcg spring/summer but have to bump it up to 75mcg starting in the fall/winter - I can find nothing in the literature that this should be necessary - but it has happened ever since I have had Hashimoto's and anecdotically people I've talked to have experienced this.  I know my dose needs to change in the fall when I get too cold and start loosing hair - Know it is time to change back when I start getting headaches because I have too much.  Obviously blood tests are used to confirm : )

I'm not a doctor - just know what works for me.
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what are your tsh, ft3, ft4 results and ref ranges?
what dose of synthroid and cytomel are you on?
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I have bad cramps during my menstrual and definelty deal with the headaches.  It is getting better since I am almost at my optimal dose of Armour. I find the only thing that gets rid of my headaches and also helps with menstrual pain is hyrdocodone. I take one and within an hour my headache is compeletly gone. It I am having cramps it also works for them also. You might want you doctor to prescribe some or something that is in the same pain killer family it has been a life saver.
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