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Hashimoto's/need help? What is WRONG? Tests?

Desperately need help. T4 can't work. Armour/Naturethroid doesn't work. T3 alone doesn't hold me. Adrenals exhausted. Antibodies at 59, on 2008 report. Pain so bad all over body. Can't access any veins for bloodtests anymore. BP is usually low, but pulse too high. Both vary-no stability. Can't find a Dr. or specialist who can figure out my situaton. Endocrinologists want to use only T4 which knocks me flat down. Ongoing, declining health & weight gain since 1995.  I am in big trouble with no help. Tried Naturopaths, D.O.'s, Neurologists, Health Nuts, Removed Mercury back in 1991 w/worsening health, am losing consciousness & body collapses now but somehow I still wake up w/injuries. Live in Tucson, AZ, can no longer travel and I know I'm in Big Trouble. Mayo/Rochester ONLY uses Synthroid as I was confirmed there in 2000 but treatment & further testing doesn't exist there. Where do I go from here. Supplements can't be utilized by the body.
Am wondering about Hashimoto's Encephalopathy & how that is tested? Nothing is helping as I continued downward even on T3 which is supposed to work. My chemistry must not be right.
Where to go?  Who to see so I don't keep getting nowhere w/all these bodily functions failing? The one sure thing I know: I have Hashimoto's Disease from Thyroid Antibodies and I'm running out of time. Please HELP? Cannot travel at all anymore. I'm begging for help.
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You need to find a doctor who will listen and treat you with the right dosage and/or brand of medication. Here is a list of recommended endos by state:


Maybe the synthetics just aren't working for you. Here is a list of recommended endos who are willing to prescribe Armour, a natural thyroid drug made from dessicated pig thyroid. Many members on this site use Armour, Nature Thyroid or compounded thyroid meds:


Take care...
:) Tamra
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