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Hashimoto's or NHL?

I have been following your posts and searched for an answer that could cover this. Not finding one specifically to satisfy my concern, I was hoping you could tell me your opinion. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about six months after childbirth (2/20/07). I am a 26 year old female who insisted on having an ultrasound done or any other tests after being put on 50 mcgs of Synthroid and still feeling fatigued with stomach cramps. The ultrasound showed five dispersed nodules, the largest measuring just a centimeter. I was told I could put off a biopsy but I chose not to after having just watched my mother die of breast cancer a month before my child was born. A cytometry was done on the aspirated hypoechoic nodule/cyst and results are as follows.

CD19-/CD5+    T-Cells             93%
CD2                T-Cells             94%
CD7+/CD3+     T-Cells             91%
CD3                 T-Cells            94%
CD4+/CD3+    Helper/Inducer    67%
CD4+/CD3-                               1%
CD8+/CD3+  Suppressor/Cytoxic   24%
CD3+CD16/56+  T-Cytotoxic         <1%
CD3-/CD16/56+  Natural Killer Cells  <1%
CD20             B-Cells               5%
CD19+/CD5-    B-Cells                 3%
Kappa+/CD19+    B-Cells             2%
Lamba+/CD19+    B-Cells            1%
CD19+/CD5+       CLL/Mantle        1%
CD10+/CD20+      B-Cell Subset    <1%
CD10                                           1%
CD23                   B-Cells               2%
FMC7                   B-Cell Subset       1%
CD25+/CD11c+    B-Cell Subset      <1%

right lobe measures 5.2 x 1.6 x 1.8cm, left lobe 5.0 x 1.7 x 1.6cm, isthmus 3mm in AP diameter.

4/18/08 my
Antithyroglubuln AB was 46(H) IU/ML range 0-40
Thyroid Peroxidase AB was 201(H)  range  0-34, TSH .68, T4 1.0 Cortisol 7.6(L)
CBC all in range but LYMPH% 17.1(L) range 20.5-51.1 and LYMPH# 1.0(L) range 1.2-3.4

My endo referred me to my mother's oncologist and a surgeon. My endo said it could be Hodgkin's Lymphoma in which the ENT surgeon didn't disagree but my Oncologist dismissed and said it would be NON- Hodgkins.  
ALL OF THE DOCTORS said you couldn't tell until a complete thyroidectomy was done and that it could just be Hashimoto's. All the research I have done makes their case possible BUT 90% of the time FNA could tell if it was Lymphoma. Am I being fibbed to so they can tell what kind of Lymphoma it is?  HOW CAN THEY TELL WHAT KIND OF LYMPHOMA IT WOULD BE BUT NOT THAT I HAVE IT? I MEAN COMMON! :)

What do you think? A CT Scan was ordered via my whining and the nodule is stable and no lymphadenopathy found anywhere else. Thank God! I need to know true probability here.  Also, after the FNA 11/13/08 my thyroid is sore and achy. Bothersome.

Thank you in advance for the time you take to answer our questions!!

Surgery Jan 20th.....


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Hi Bethany,

I am sorry you lost your mother so close to giving birth.My deepest sympathies.

And to ur ?'s, again I am sorry I am of no help there, but I do know there r very well informed people here that will pop in and help out.

Please be patient.....and I hope u continue to post here as it is a great place for info and support!!

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Thank you for your kind words. It was a rough year and I wonder if it led me to getting Hashi's? Could you tell me if I posted this question in the right place for Dr Lupo to see it? First time poster here. *blush*

Allentown eh? My dad's side is from Punxsy where the groundhogs live. lol

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