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Hashimotos/parathyroid tumor and medication

I was recently diagnosed with hashimotos. My doctor prescribed 50mg of synthroid. I take the generic.  After about two or three weeks I began getting periodic dizziness. My head was just spinning! My doctor did another set of labs and a had a ultrasound ordered for a nodule on my left side of my neck in the front. Results of the ultrasound showed a growth on my right side outside if my thyroid but they don't believe it is parathyroid although I have had 4 episodes of kidney stones in the past 5 years. My doctor reduced my synthroid to 25 mg following the bloodworm which initially stopped the head spinning. But now after two weeks on the 25mg I have been getting the spinning in my head again and it is getting worse each day like before. I don't see an endo doctor until April 4th and recently switched jobs so I don't have insurance again until April 1st. I need some advise regarding the dizziness. I also would like some advise regarding the nodules and what to ask the specialist.
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Excerpt from the book Running On Empty by Robyn Koumourou:

"It is not uncommon to start thyroid hormone therapy and find that your symptoms become worse before they get better. When you begin taking thyroxine the areas in the brain that control thyroid hormone production sense the increase in T4 levels within the blood stream.  This feedback system will then cause the thyroid glands natural production of thyroid hormones to slow down.  

Less natural T4 and T3 will then be produced and released and blood levels may remain stagnant or even decrease temporarily.  Less free T3 hormone available to the body will slow down cellular metabolism. The symptoms of hypothyroidism may become worse until an increase in thyroxine is taken or an optimal dose is found."
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What are your actual thyroid hormone levels?  Please post the results of your most current labs, and be sure to include reference ranges, which vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.

Additionally, since you've had several episodes of kidney stones, your calcium should be checked periodically, along with your vitamin D and PTH. If you've had those done, please post those results, as well.

It's true that symptoms often get worse or new ones begin, once one is on a thyroid replacement hormone.  It takes 4-6 weeks for the med to reach full potential.
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