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Hashimotos symptoms

is it normal to be depersonalised, feel like you can't communicate properly and have headaches from Hashimoto's disease??
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I know there is Hash brain, but you might have to ask your dr. about it.
It could be something else though.

Hope you figure out what it is.
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"Hashimoto's disease" covers a rather broad spectrum of degrees and stages of the illness.

Most Hypothyroid people end up with a diagnosis of Hashimoto's.

Many people here, including myself, have experienced trouble communicating properly. We call it "brain fog", and it involves poor memory and trouble with word retrieval.

I can be talking along and suddenly the next word I am going to say vanishes, and I struggle trying to come up with the word.

One day I was signing documents and in the process, I suddenly forgot how to make my signature. Sometimes my thought processes are fuzzy.

If you hang around and read posts here, you will see a lot of mis-spelling. I can write a post, examine it, and hit the submit button only to find there are letters missing in some of the words.

I haven't had trouble with headaches, except for times when I was dehydrated, which is not a normal symptom of Hypothroidism.

I'm not sure what you mean be depersonalization.

Hope this helps a little.
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I have hashi's and I am also hypo.  I think what you are talking about has more to do with the low thyroid, but all that comes with depression, too, which is caused by the thyroid disorder.  I would talk to your doctor about depression and maybe getting on some sort of medication for it.  I know that is something most people do not want to face, but there is no shame in having it.  It just needs to be dealt with.  Maybe you  could benefit from being on an anti-depressant.  
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I forgot to add, the "brain Fog" I refer to is a temporary condition and goes away when your TSH is brought back to the proper level.

"Hashi brain" is a new term to me, and you won't likely find it in a medical journal. :)

Perhaps chigirl29 and I are talking about the same thing.  
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thank you all for responding,
and yeah that's how i feel like all that time AR-10, its nice to here from someone else. Though I mean by depersonalisation that I just can't be normal; I struggle to talk to people in my personality, if that makes sense?? And about the depression thing, thank you, but i don't feel i feel depressed, I just feel like deconnected from everything. But i don't know is that a sign of depression?

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OMG that temporary thing is the best thing i've heard for months
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