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Hashimotos symptoms

Hi, I am new to the community.  I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at 30, but refused medication until I was 31 and started feeling tired and my knees hurt.
   I have been on levothyroxine started at .25mcg and increased up to .88mcg, then was switched to Armour Thyroid.  At one point my meds were too high and I was told I was hyper.  I still felt tired, my joints still hurt, and I still wasn't losing any weight.  Doctor told me that being tired was in my head and that my not losing weight must be due to my not being honest about what I eat.  I had told him that I was counting calories and trying to eat under 1000 a day with a max of 1500.
    I started out at 150 lbs, and have gained 40 pounds in the last 4 years.  Exercise is difficult because my knees hurt and I seem to get muscle strains very easily now.  I get a lot of muscle pain as if I'd been overexerting, and I sleep anywhere from 12-16 hours a night on weekends just to function since I can't get more than 8-9 a night during the work week.  I am also having acne issues, that I have never had in my life, but am told that my Hashimotos has nothing to do with it, and I also have very high cholesterol and am being told that it is a separate genetic thing.
    Does anyone have these same issues?  Is there anything that helps?  I have also seen an increased amount of moments where I trip over my tongue when I talk.  Does anyone else have this issue?  It's very frustrating to be speaking then suddenly slur a word or two.
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Dozens have the same thing going on with them and unfortunately your situation is not uncommon either.

It is helpful if you can post your labs so the forum can see where your levels are at. Do you have the thyroid lab numbers and what tests you did?

After you switched from .88 Synthroid - what level of Armour were you started on? And where are you at now on that dosage?

I suppose it is best to start with those questions first.

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I have never been given a copy of my lab results, Except for the very first set with Cigna 5 years ago when I was 30.  I am planning on getting a copy of my next set.  My new Dr. is having blood drawn in 2 months.  I just switched Dr's and she wants to do a new workup and get my lab results from January because it's looking like I've taken another nose dive.
  Armour thyroid was started at 30mg, raised to 60, and that point my t3 was at a 10 so it was increased to 120, at which point it went too far the other way and reduced to 90.  I've been on 90 for about 6 months now and had blood work done in January, with a phone message saying "your blood work looked fine".   At which point, with other issues, I decided to go to a new Dr.
   My new Dr. is going to retrieve my file from my old Dr.'s office.  I don't remember all the other levels, I just remember hearing that my t3 kept going out of whack ranging anywhere from a 4 to a 10.  And that my cholesterol was in the 260-280 range.
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I probably should have also mentioned that my new Dr.'s labwork is checking lipids, thyroid, and autoimmune.  I don't have the specifics since the lab sheet is kept there as they have an onsite phlebotomist.
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Update:  I pulled the one lab that I do have.  It is from July of 2004 and it shows TSH 5.22.  This is the lab that I was diagnosed from but does not show a breakdown of t3, t4 etc....   I have since seen breakdowns such as I see on this forum on my labs but have never been provided a copy and didn't realize that I should have asked.
   I just remember hearing okay, now it's a 4 point something, we need to increase your med.  Now it's a 6 point something, we need to increase your med.  Now it's a 10 point something, we need to increase your med.  From what I'm hearing here, my old Dr. could have been much more helpful and informative.  My new Dr. seems to take the approach that she wants to really look into this and make sure that I'm getting the help I need.  I had swelling in my abdomen and face about a week ago, but not in my fingers or ankles, that was what prompted me to make an appointment to finally go see the new Dr.
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I am happy to hear you found a new doctor.  I am a nurse and know first hand that  some doctors can be real jerks.  You say you were diagnosed with Hashi's, but did they run TPO or specific blood tests for autoimmune?  I have been battling some different symptoms than you for a year and a half.  Extreme fatigue (even Epstein-Barr positive), chronic constipation that causes severe pain in my left side and ribs, trouble sleeping, soreness in my armpits and really bad itching on arms, armpits and backs, chronic daily migraines.  Your TSH levels are high and the fact you couldn't lose weight is not surprising and that doctor is an idiot.  Also, Hashimoto's does affect cholesterol and triglycerides.  You sound like you may have some resistance to the meds and losing weight, which may be from your body not being able to utilize the sugars (carbo's included).  Have you ever been tested for diabetes?  Some Hashi's is caused by diabetes.  Are you seeing a GP or endocronoligist?  You should really see an endo doctor. I am finally going to see one after a year and a half.  I finally asked my doctor to run the Hashi's test, which cam back positive and prompted him to refer me to the endo doctor.  Also, the knee problems are a autoimmune and Hashi symptoms.  Try taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or naproxen daily to reduce the inflammation to your thyroid and joints.  We all have similar and different symptoms.   It just manifests itself differently.  Hang in there.  You'll be glad you found this site.  I found it yesterday and have learned so much already, even for a nurse. Good luck.
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I have been thoroughly tested for diabetes, including the all day sugar test, with multiple pokes.  I do not have diabetes.  I am seeing a GP.  She asked me If I'd seen an Endo and I told her that I hadn't but that my friend that was just diagnosed with Graves has and was I supposed to have been sent to one?
   She said that with Hashi's it is not always necessary to see an Endo especially if there has never been a physical issue with the thyroid (goiter, etc... an ultrasound was done on my thyroid and no abnormalities were found), but for Graves disease it is a must.
   The TSH levels that I have the lab work for were the initial exam, they ran more blook work after that that was more specific, but I can't remember what it said other than that it proved to the Dr. that I had Hashimoto's.  My mother's side of the family did not have it, she was a single mom and I don't know my father.  I was told that I must have gotten if from my father.  At the time my bilirubens were high as well and the Dr. was worried, but the additional tests came back showing that my liver was fine.
   I have also experience itching.  My calves will start to itch for no reason, so will my arms and my back, also sometimes my scalp.  My hair may have thinned, but I have always had so much hair that it isn't apparent, at least not yet.
   I worry about taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis, with the fear that I may build an immunity to it and it won't help when I really need it.  Do you know if this is a possibility?  It's the same reason why I rarely take things for the headaches I've been getting.  I only take excedrin if I really need it.  It's the only medicine that helps with my headaches.
   I am on Gemfibrozil for my cholesterol because the lipitor and it's cousins were making my muscles very weak.
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