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Hashi's, Severe Edema, Pregnancy


I am 35 years old, very overweight, have Hashi's, and just had my first child, a healthy baby boy.  My question is regarding my pregnancy.  I began swelling up almost immediately upon finding out I was pregnant, the swelling began in my feet and ankles, and went up from there.  By the end of my pregnancy, I had difficulty walking because my legs/feet/ankles were so bad, I also had a large portion of my abdomen and pelvis that had become hardened due to the swelling. In fact my abdomen and my pelvis had both developed points, almost like little mountains that stuck up almost an inch from the rest of my skin.  I had difficulty walking due to the swelling.  (I also had PUPPPS and at 34 weeks, my legs began weeping).  I was induced at 37 weeks due to the swelling and the fact that my blood pressure had skyrocketed.

After my pregnancy had concluded, I continued swelling up, in fact, I couldn't where the extremely wide, overly large, men's shoes I had bought home from the hospital because I couldn't get them on.  My mother had to stay with us, because I could still barely walk.  It has now been a month, I've been on diuretics since giving birth, and my right leg/foot/ankle is still swollen but I can get my foot into the clown shoes.  My abdomen where it was at it's worst, continues to have a hard spot.  

My grandmother was put on bed rest for the last trimester of her pregnancy with my mother and my mother had toxemia when she was pregnant with me, both of them had thyroid disease.

Is the swelling due to thyroid at all?  If I get pregnant again, can I expect to go through the same thing?

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This sounds a lot like me!!! I have Hashimoto's and during my pregnancy I swelled so bad i could barely walk. Like you I was induced at 37 weeks due to swelling and high BP. I had gained 70lbs and an additonal 15 after the induction (they said it was from the pitocin but i don't think so) I ended up haveing a c-section as well). When i checked into the hospital i was 244...when i left i was 245! Like you i was so water logged i could barely straighten my legs...and could barely fit in the wheelchair to leave! It took about 2 months for the water to go away...however since then I get edema all the time!  my hands are the worst and if i am on my feet for more than 20 minutes my calves/ankles and feet swell. I take 50mcg of HCTZ when needed. My concern is I want to have another baby...but i'm scared to b/c of this. I've gotten my weight down to 170 and i'm still trying for another 10lbs at least before we try again (i also have fertility issues) It's been almost 3 years since i had my son and this is still going on and it drives me crazy. I watch my sodium intake and i still swell.
Hey did u go hyperactive with your thyroid during your pregnancy? I did and my son was hyper when he was born b/c they said he absorbed the excess hormone
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