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I saw my endo on Friday and he again went over my results with me.  I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis however he said right now I am experiencing hashitoxicosis.  What is this exaclty?  I am having more and more symptoms of hyperthyroid than hypo.  My heart rate is through the roof (He sent me for a holter monitor after my visit and I am still waiting for the results), I am very nervous, vomiting, diarrhea, and contant lightheadedness.  Is this all normal and when will it stop.  Based on my test results and symptoms he increased my Synthroid to 75mcg.  I am going crazy, I can't take this anymore!!!!!
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i had "hashitoxicosis" (i put it in quotes because i wasn't diagnosed with hashimotos...i was diagnosed with silent thyroiditis...hashitoxicosis seems to be the term used when thyrotoxicosis isn't caused from graves/hot nodule).  

what are your ft3 and ft4 and tsh?  i'm surprised that more synthroid was prescribed.  that doesn't make sense.  you may have these symptoms from too much synthroid.
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Unfortunatley a Free T3 was not done but here are the other results
TSH 2.630 (previously 2.880)
Free T4 0.82 (previously 1.08)

He told me that with Hashi's it's best to suppress the TSH to 0.5-1.5.  These symptoms were present before my increase to 75mcg.  What do you think?  I need help!!!!
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hashitoxicosis is when your tsh is low and your free t3 and/or free t4 are high.  those results don't suggest hashitoxicosis (unless your free t3 is high, but this usually makes your tsh low).

your results suggest a worsening of the hypothyroidism, which is why the doc increased your synthroid.  your free t4 dropped.  when was the result of 1.08 free t4 recorded?  was your synthroid changed between then and now?  when do you go back to get your levels checked after this increase?  

i would demand that a free t3 also be ordered since you're experiencing the hyper symptoms.
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Is it normal to have hyper symptoms with Hashi's or hypo?  This is so confusing?  The hyper symptoms are not constant but do happen frequenlty throughout the day.  Once it kind of subsides I am so tired I can hardly function.  This is absolutlely maddening.  I can't even take care of my children!  My labs have been checked about 5 weeks after dose changes (I originally started on 25mcg).  This last result was done on the 12th and that was after 5 weeks on the 50mcg.  He said since I am suffering so bad he wants to see me again in 4 weeks and have labs drawn then.  Is the Free T4 suppose to go up or down?  What about a Free T3, where should that be?  So if the meds were causing hyper symptoms then my levels would be lower right?
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are you feeling any better?  with an increase in synthroid, you're probably experiencing more hyper symptoms.  they should subside in a few weeks after your body adjusts to the new t4.

i'm surprised that your free t4 went down as much as it did after increasing your dose from 25 to 50.  it will be interesting to see what your free t4 is next time.  make sure your free t3 is tested.  with your symptoms, it'll be helpful to get the entire picture instead of just tsh and free t4.  did your doc order free t3?
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I agree with mtkst13 - it would be really interesting to see your FT3.  We are all different and all feel well at different FT3 and FT4 levels.  I start to feel hyper the minute my FT3 gets off the bottom of the range...restless (can't sit still), diarrhea, insomnia, tachycardia, etc...I'll take hypo any day (at least I can sleep).  I'm sure the Hashi's doesn't help that any since our thyroids produce peaks and valleys of hormone levels  That's probably why your hyper symptoms are intermittant.

All things being equal (which they never are) it is probably best to suppress TSH to 0.5-1.0.  However, in so doing, you just can't blindly ignore hyper symptoms, especially with Hashi's.  If it were me (and it's not!), I would not agree to a meds increase when I felt hyper already.  
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