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Hashsi symptoms and my period

I was diagnosed about 5 months ago and have been taking synthroid.  My main symptom was brain fog.  This cleared up pretty quickly once I started meds.  This month a couple days before my period started, I had a couple very brief periods of dizziness and then brain fog and extreme fatigue-now on day 4.  Any thoughts if this will now happen every month?  Will if likely continue past my period?  I can't see my doctor until next week, and these symptoms are a major issue with my job (I assist in surgeries and issue meds). This causes me to have anxiety issues at work which makes things worse. (I am on an antidepressant.) Thanks for your advice!
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Whether this will happen every month or is a one-time occurrence is impossible to answer.  

Do you have recent thyroid labs to post with reference ranges?

How much Synthroid do you take?

Do you know the cause of your hypothyroidism, i.e. have you been tested for the antibodies for Hashi's?

Any other symptoms of either hypo or hyper (overmedication)?

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