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Have people that have had kidney stones by the dz

Looking for info and wanted to follow one dated Jan. 22, 2008 at 09:23 to get info for where to look or questions to ask to find the cause of the stones that come every month. Will also watch for other info as needs arise.

Thank you very much for info so far,

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Have you had a 24hr urine and serum samples done for calcium and other levels ? What did they come back at?  High calcium due to para's not functioning right can lead to calcium oxalate kidney stones forming.  there are other reasons, too, for multiple continuous stones forming, but if the para's are the cause then you pretty much know why.

I get them, too, but all my calcium levels are normal and parthyroids function properly.

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The two people that I'm getting info for one is just up the road and the other is in Colorado and it is there son so info is being relayed to him and they do not have the net also.  But both should have the info at this time with web pages and hope they will be doing some looking maybe here.

Thanks for the guidance and help.
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