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Headaches and tight/lump in throat

For a couple weeks now I've been feeling this discomfort at the top of my throat - it feels like that feeling where you're about to crying so your throat gets all tight, but it's constant. There's not much pain to it, but it still worries me.

I'm not sure if it's related to the throat, but around the same time (a few days before I felt the throat thing) I'd been having nightly headaches (they would consistently appear around 5pm-ish and be there until I woke up the next morning, sometimes even for a few hours after that). These last couple of days, I have not been having these headaches at the same time, but for a few hours throughout the day.

I've been searching around the internet but I can't find anything other than thyroid cancer, which also worries me since I have some thyroid issues (hypo-thyroidism). Any ideas about what is causing these things would be appreciated!!
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Since you have hypothyroidism, do you know if you have Hashimoto's?  

Have you ever had a thyroid ultrasound to determine whether you have nodules on your thyroid or not?  Many of us with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's have nodules on our thyroid.  Typically, they are nothing to worry about, but sometimes, the nodules can swell up.  Sometimes the thyroid, itself can swell up/become inflamed... this is called a goiter.  Both, nodules and goiter can also cause the feeling you refer to.  I get it periodically, too.  

While it's possible for nodules to be cancerous, it's important to know that less than 5% of all nodules are cancer, so it's pretty rare.

The problem it is that the thyroid is located near the bottom of the throat, so I'm wondering if your problem could be tonsils or something else.

Do you take replacement thyroid hormones for your hypothyroidism?  If so, what medication(s)/dosage(s) do you take and how long have you been on it/them? If you have a copy of your latest thyroid hormone test results, it would be good if you could post them so we could see your actual status.  Be sure to include reference ranges with any results you post, since ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
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