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Help! Can't lose the weight gained because of hypothyroidism

i'm 22, found out i was hypothroid about 2 years ago, by then i had gained almost 60 pounds. I take 75mg, i exercise 40 minutes everyday, i eat only fish and white meats plus veggies, very little sugar and bread. Why can't i lose any weight? Nothing is working, please help. Is there some sort of pill or type of exercise i need?
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It is a common and real situation for hypothyroid patients and I am one who is having trouble getting weight off. I never was "heavy" and still I really am not - but I gained 30 pounds since I became hypo and I fight everyday to lose weight.

I have come to the realization that until I get my TSH level normal and it stays there - I will have a difficult time getting those pounds off.  Stay on the best diet you can and keep trying - but you have to be at the right TSH for you to have your body work off those pounds.
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I wouldn't advise getting desperate and going on any fad diets or take diet pills either - This can be more harmful than good - and it may take you longer if you take these things and will most definately interfer with your medications to balance you out.

Find an exercise program you ENJOY and will committ to daily and just do that until your thyroid starts to behave. :)
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Wow. You sound just like me. I'm 22 and I've gained over 60 lbs in just over 2 years on a 1200 cal/ exercising 5 days a week. Until this all happened I've never been overweight.

I don't have any good advice for you, but thought I'd let you know that I'm in the same boat.

Keep up the healthy habits and talk to your doctor about your frustrations- there may be different types of treatments available that you haven't tried yet.
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iv had thyroid disease since 93 and iv never gained more than 5 pds iv heard 5 pds is the normal weight gain so check on what your eating and how much sorry
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When I was taking thyroxine for Hypo. my weight kept increasing whatever I ate.
I have switched to Armour and now it's the reverse
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Since I switched to Armour I also have lost 8 pounds.
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