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Help from anyone that had Thyrogen shots before?

It's been a while since I posted last, but still having Thyroid issues. I will be having the Thyrogen shots in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone can give me their experience with the shot? I'm not sure what to expect? All I was told that I will have the shot given in 2 day intervals and I will go for blood work in 5 days from the 1st shot? Does anyone know if I will be tired more than usual? I have a very physically demanding job, so I don't know how I am going to feel while getting the shots? I would like any kind of feed back you can give me. Thanks in advance.
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Last year I had my first year retest for pap. ca. got the two shots monday and tuesday and blood draw friday....I only had very mild flu like symptoms afterwards.No big deal. I will see a new endo. on tuesday the 19th and will be retested again, I am getting a bit nervious.
some on this forum have said the same about the thyrogen shots...and most had no symptoms at all.
Keep us updated just pop in and I will also.
Warm regards, Margie
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Thanks Margie. I also am seeing a new endo in late June. The one I see now is not any help no matter what you say to him. I wish you good luck with your new doc. Take care.
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NO they wont make you tired. Thyrogen shots rock!! It beats the hell out of going to hypohell.
Love Venora
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Thanks Verona.
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Hello! New to this site. Taking my second shot today (this is my second round of shots) and it was a little better the second time around. I did feel nausea after a few hours after and it resolved by the evening. I have my second shot today and then my big dose of radiation the day after. I am nervous!
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I am EPapas
I will have thyrogen shots next Monday and Tuesday. And also I will have blood tests as follow :
Monday TSH, T4, Tg, antiTg
Wednesday TSH, Tg
Thursday TSH, Tg
Friday TSH, Tg
I have had the theroid operated 2 years ago
Are we OK with that?
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