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Help with Thyroid Issue

I have had many symptoms stated hear, and the blood test was questioned years ago and ran again months later.

I have to also state that I am a carcinoid cancer patient (which is a endocrine cancer)

I have weight gain issues lately, tired, thinning hair, joint pains.
My doctor ran multiple tests.
My TSH came back normal and the Free T4 just under normal (Low). I asked the doctor to call me and she stated that it was fine.
I reminded her that it was like this before and with the concern of the goiter I get at times should I worry, I also told her that I read that you could have a normal TSH and still have HYPO and she said that isn't true.

I am not sure what to do or where to go from here. All I know is that my primary is usually really good as listening and I know with Carcinoid things can get tricky.
She did ask if I want to see an endocrinologist, but reading what I have seen on here it scares me that many doctors have "GOD" issues and don't want to listen to how WE feel!
Any thoughts!!
Thank you
Lori D.
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What were the actual results of your TSH and FT4?  Please post them, with reference ranges, which vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.  What other tests were done, besides TSH and FT4?  They could be relevant.

I'm not familiar with carcinoid cancer; it's my understanding that it can grow in different parts of the body and is very slow growing.  In what part of your body was the cancer?  Are you currently undergoing treatment for this?

Even if you are, I can't imagine your doctor not wanting to treat hypothyroidism, since you have symptoms.  

Not all endos are good thyroid doctors and not all doctors have "God" attitude, but it can be hit or miss finding the one who will treat you best.
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Thank you for responding. Here are my ranges:
FREE T4 .75 (Range  .76 - 1.46)
TSH 1.17 (Range .36 - 3.74)

Thank you
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