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   Just wanted to share Katie The Wellness Mama has an Auto Immune 30 day reset diet to put symptoms in remission. She has Hashimoto's and it has worked for her to be more functional. Check it out: http://wellnessmama.com/22689/autoimmune-diet/
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Anytime in the past when we have been referred to someone promoting treatment of Hashimoto's through changes in diet and lifestyle, rather than accepting anecdotal info only,  we have always asked for scientific evidence that such a treatment protocol really worked.  So far, none has been made available.  What scientifically valid info can you refer us to?
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Well, Science is theory tested by variables and then recorded observation. Conclusive decisions are then made based on preferred course of action towards desired goal. I have been experimenting with my own body for 7 years with lifestyle changes. I went from being a healthy, active (athletic in all sports) to a very sick person. I have had the experience of Dr.'s literally tell me "maybe it will go away on it's own" and being kicked out of dr. office after dr. office spending alot of money. All the while researching and studying with what little energy and brain cells i had. I used to do Kick boxing, and then couldn't even push my self up off the ground. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. We must give it the proper environment and nutrients "building blocks" to do this. I have tried a pharmacy of meds. I have had surgeries, and i have also been willing to make dietary and lifestyle changes and do cleanses and fasts. I am currently on T3 and Armour Thyroid and about 2 doz or more supplements because of my illness, and poor digestion(due to my illness) I can't get my nutrients from food alone.  I do have College background in the Medical field also.  So I guess, since we are all on a journey to health. Exploring nutrition options would be in my mind a GIVEN, this is what we CAN control, and omit or add as we feel our bodies respond and symptoms change.
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How do you manage your symptoms, if you have hashi's? I've been on Armour for almost a year and off Gluten and sugar, aside from a LARGE amount of changes in almost everything i do and I am still in bed. I have all but canceled my entire life because I can't participate, so as of right now everything has had NO effect. This is the first time of me trying the AIP, I just did a yeast  cleanse last month.
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So, I guess by drawing my own conclusions with myself being the lab rat (for 7 years) obeying every instruction and order from suggestions all around me. I can say that when I eat wheat or sugar my symptoms increase greatly and I am in Chest Pain, Overall Fatigue and Pain, and can't think clearly. even get Short of Breath. Anything that cause Inflammation in the body will add to the war already going on inside a person with AI. so yes, I would avoid inflammatory foods. My compromised immune system needs all the clam it can get. and my gut needs to be at optimal condition to digest and to not draw energy from my weakened body. How else would this be achieved, than by control the quality and quantity and the WHAT of what goes into our bodies.
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I have no issue with promoting good nutrition, exercise and supplements as necessary.  My only issue and concern is with anything that suggests that Hashimoto's Thyroiditis can be cured, or managed, by diet alone.  We have seen no scientific evidence of that, and wee always try to make sure our members are given info that can be supported by factual data.

It sounds like you have gone through a lot in recent years.  How about telling us about your symptoms, and your thyroid related test results and reference ranges, and your meds/supplements that you have tried, and let us try to assess your situation in light of what we have learned over the years on this Forum, and from our extensive review of scientific studies.
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I agree, I don't think this auto immune illness should be managed by diet alone. I agree with meds when needed 100%. If you don't have crazy side effects, why wouldn't you take them if they help you. I also strongly believe that diet/ lifestyle are the cornerstone to supporting your health. I have an excellent doctor. Hotze in Houston, TX. They are taking good care of me, my body just has not responded to anything that i have done. I appreciate your help, and any advice is always welcome and I usually try whatever ppl suggest (with in reason). I have studied quite a bit too, but it just seems like it's never enough. I've been sick for 7 years, had my ovaries and uterus taken out at age 33, was diagnosed with hypothyroid in Dec. of 2013 and Hashi's in Aug. 2014. We are currently addressing my adrenal fatigue so my body can process more thyroid med (I can't take more than 15mg and sometimes have to pull off that) It's all a very slow process. I am dependent on several supplements, of which if they were to go out of my system I would be back at square one(which is a very painful and miserable place) My main symptoms are extreme chronic fatigue, brain fog, chest pain(heart) athen shortness of breath. Swollen thyroid. I have NO other symptoms outside of these. I am currently on a non inflammatory diet, which is helping with the chest pain, but not fatigue. I have loads of labs, so what would you want specifically? I am 5/6 Rx and about 2 doz supplements.Thanks for your time.
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Wow, you have been through the wringer.  You have a good doctor, from what I have heard from several sources.  So, I expect that he is doing all the right things already.  I don't know that any of us here can provide anything more that would be of help, but if you are willing to post info, I know we are willing to review it and search for any related info, and post our comments.  

So, the first thing I wondered is how your were determined to have adrenal fatigue?  How are they treating you for that?  What thyroid med have you tried, and was that 15 mg, or 15 mcg?  What symptoms/reactions do you have if you take more than the 15 mg/mcg?  What are those supplements you are so dependent on?  If you don't mind taking the time, how about posting one full current set of all the different tests done for you.  Also, what prescriptions and doses?  And what supplements and daily doses?  
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