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High Calcium level in blood

Is is ever possible to have parahyperthyroidism with normal levels?
I have been anemic for over a year now and I finally have my iron level up to normal. Now my calcium level has been high the last four or five blood tests. My vitamin D is also very low. I believe he said the level was an 8.

I am terrified. The Doctor wants me to have a bone scan now. Has anybody ever had anything like this?
The doctor says that the calcium is usually low when vitamin D is low. Does low Vitamin D ever make calcium high?

I was told to take a 50,000 I.U. of vitamin D but when I looked it up it says it could be a danger with my high blood pressure medicine ( I am on 4 different types of HBP medicines now because they can not get it to come down within the last few months) so I am taking one 1,000 I.U. a day. Since I have begun taking it all of my bones are achy and I feel rotten. Any experiences or advice would be appreciated!

Thank you.
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My calcium serum was high for several years and so was my parathyroid. I was tested for a tumor on the parathyroids but it was negative which meant that the high calcium and parathyroid was secondary to something else happening in me. They finally tested my Vit.D level and it was 8.5.  I got osteoporosis from it. Your level is very dangerous and must be brought up. My doctors didn't want me to take calcium since they said that it would just make my calcium serum numbers go up. But another specialist told me to take it and I did. Low and behold my calcium levels came out normal and has been for awhile. I'm on a lot of Vit.D supplements and it's difficult for my body to absorb the D and I don't know why. When my D was so low, my parathyroid(PTH) became normal. It seems that as my D goes up, which is still on the low side, my PTH goes up. So now I have parathyroidism and no doctor can figure it out. The kidneys have a lot to do with Calcium, Vit.D, phosphorus, etc. But my kidney labs came out fine.

If I were you, I would get a Dexa Scan to test for osteoporosis. Women AND men can get it.

I'll be watching this posting to see if anyone responds.
Keep us updated.
I hope the best for you.
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Get your antibodies tested: TGab and TPOab to rule out Hashimoto's auto-immune thyroid disease. Many Hashis have low D. Parathryoids will react to low D by pumping out more PTH and making more calcium. That's just what they do.

Hashimoto's can cause high bp as the thyroid can leak hormone while you are under attack. People with Hashi are not always low thyroid, but many times we swing high to low, so DO NOT let a doctor try to diagnose you with Hashi by the TSH test. Only the antibodies I mentioned above will do, as well as a thyroid ultrasound. Also, an FT4 and FT3 test to determine your current thyroid levels.

If you are negative Hashimoto's, then you must look at your parathyroids. One parathyroid may have gone crazy, pumping out too much PTH and creating too much calcium. Not cancer, highly unlikely. It is called an adenoma: a junky parathyroid. The body tries to protect itself from all that calcium by limiting your vitamin D levels. Calcium needs D to be absorbed.

If you end up with parathyroid disease, then visit the website: www.parathyroid.com . This surgeon is considered the best in his field. The bad parathyroid must be removed. No medication will fix it. This doctor can remove it in 20 minutes, with an incision under an inch. You are back home, eating dinner with your family that night.

:) Tamra
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I forgot to mention that a couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto.

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I am so confused. My doctor told me in his opinion I don't have a thyroid issue but what else could be causing all this? I am worried because he sent me to a hematologist and now wants the bone scan as opposed to an endocrinologist. I wonder if he tested for Hashimotos...

The hematologist told me I am borderline high and not to worry, but why am I being sent for a bone scan? My doctor does not explain things too well.

Maybe I am posting in the wrong section. All my symptoms point to a thyroid issue or perhaps this is all because of the low Vitamin D. I just want to find out what it is and feel better. I am exhausted and so many bones hurt right now. I have not taken the vitamin D, 50,000 I.U. I am still just taking the 1,000 I.U. supplements...  At least until I have another visit to talk about all this.

Did you both have to take the 50,000 I.U. of Vitamin D and did you have any side effects? I looked up drug interactions and it stated that one of my blood pressure medicines with HCTZ could have a reaction.
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You definitely need the Tgab and TPOab antibody tests. Don't let a doc tell you your thyroid levels are normal without those tests. Many go by TSH, a pituitary hormone. That's what happened to me because my TSH never went above threshold, so the docs said my thryoid was fine. Turns out my antibodies are WAY over normal limit and I do have Hashi. Many Hashis are low in D and iron. You might also want to look into other auto-immune diseases if Hashi is negative. I do believe Celiac disease causes low D and iron.

I took the big D pill one time and got terrible pain in the back of my neck. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but I quit. You can actually take more than 1,000 IU daily. Some people work up to 4,000 daily. I get at least a half hour daily of sunshine plus take 2,000 IU D pills.

:) Tamra
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As stated previously, I have a difficult time absorbing Vit. D.  Am up to 6,000 IU daily now with calcium. My Ferritin level is at 10. -lowest normal level. I'm wondering how long I've been walking around with Hashi without the doctors knowing it. My regular test, i.e. TSH, and the T's have always been normal until last month. My antibodies was 483 when the reference range is 0-40. Now I'm on Synthroid.

Question: Can Hashi cause weight gain, have a high RA Factor or come from Lymes disease which I have?
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You probably have Parathyroid Disease.  There is a very informative website. parathyroid.com  I have 2 blood test that show my calcium level is elevated so I started to research the causes.  I found this site and it was very helpful.  Dr. Norman is the Dr. who developed this site and he is a world renound expert on parathyroid diesease.  I think you will be amazed with what you will learn on this site.  Hope this helps....
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I had three calcium levels 10, 10.1, 10.4 and PTH 67 and 71, mixed in with about three normal levels as well. I did not have parathyroid disease. I had a low D problem, caused by Hashimoto's, which resulted in the high PTH and calcium.

I consulted with Dr. Norman. The site is amazing, but I wish there was more on there about low D's relation to elevated PTH.

:) Tamra
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I'm waiting for the results of my PTH test.  The thing I'm most concerned about is the fact that it doesn't seem like there are very many Dr's out their with the knowledge needed to diagnose any of these diseases.  If my PTH comes back normal I will not stop there.  I found out enough on Dr. Normans site to know that I will not stop with a simple everything is fine.  My first calcium level 2 years ago was 10.8 and now it is 11.2.  I'm having alot of pain in my hip and I'm extremely tired and weak.  I have some of the other symptoms he mentioned as well.  I just don't want to be running around from Dr. to Dr. and not getting any real answers. How long did it take you to get to the bottom of your problem and how many Dr's did you have to go to?  I happy for you that you got to the bottom of your problem and I hope you are doing well.  I will let you know what my PTH results are.  Thank you.
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Three endos. On the third endo, she suspected 'mild' parathyroid disease, but we all know there is no such thing as 'mild' parathyroid disease. I did the consult with Dr. Norman last August. Coincidentally, after my D levels were high, my PTH and calcium went back to normal. I asked the surgeon why my PTH and calcium had ever gone up and he said, "Two years ago it snowed in Florida."  

Well, I went back to my endo and told her that Dr. Norman said I should be tested for Hashi. I got the Hashi TGab and TPOab tests and the TPO was positive. I switched endos again because she didn't know how to treat my levels.

My new endo said my low D absolutely caused my PTH and CA to go up. He said he's seen it with a lot of his Hashi patients. I appreciate Dr. Norman putting me on the right path, but I honestly wish his site had more about low D making the PTH and CA go up slightly. I think I found one blurb about it, after the fact, and you know how extensive his site is.

11.2 for CA is high. You may just have a parathyroid problem. You will come to realize, as many thyroid patients do, most endos treat diabetes and not many know how to diagnose or treat thyroid /parathyroid.

:) Tamra
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What did Dr. Norman charge for your consultation.  I live outside the state of Florida and it says that there is a $1500 consultation fee.  OUCH!!!! I'm really anxious to get my PTH results.  I would really be relieved to find out this is what is going on with me.  It would answer so many questions about symptons I've been experiencing.  I'm 49 years old but I feel much older most days.  I'm very confused as what to do next. Like I said before..I don't want to go from Dr to Dr doing test that are expensive and not needed to still not be able to make a diagnoses.  Do you have any suggestions based on your experience where I should go from here.  Thank you in advance for any help you could give me.  You seem to have educated yourself on the subject....
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Yep, $1500, but it took about a week for his call. He then requested two more labs because my endo had ordered the wrong ones. I think he wanted both serum and ionized ca plus PTH.

Have you had your D tested? You CA levels are high. If it isn't parathyroid disease, then it could be a D problem causing the CA to go up. However, your CA is much higher than mine ever was.

As long as you have tested negative for Hashi (TGab and TPOab) then I'd pursue the parathyroid issue. Hashimoto's and parathyroid disease can have similar symptoms.

You've had kidney stones, right? That's a typical parathyroid problem but not so much with Hashi.

:) Tamra
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No I've never had kidney stones but from what I understood from what I read not everyone that has parathyroid disease does.  I should get the results of my PTH in a few days and maybe I will know more then.  How do they test ionized ca?  Is it a urine test?  They gave me a script to have a urine test.  I think they freeze it or something.  This is all so new to me. The main symptoms I've had are weakness and feeling tired all the time.  I have palpitations and the joint pain,(mainly in my hips).  I've been telling myself that I must be going through perimenapause. But this would make more since to me.  I don't know where to go from here.  If my PTH comes back normal where would you suggest I go from here.  I suppose if it comes back high it's pretty cut and dry, correct?  I've only been in this area for 5 years and haven't established myself with any dr's here.  I'm from Mississippi.  I don't even have a GP.  I have been using a wellness center that I have access to from my workplace. I appreciate all the advice and info you've giving to me.  
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