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High Calcium low PTH Parathyroid?

My wife was recently told she had high calcium in her blood at around 10.5 -11. Pth was checked and it came back as 7.5. The Dr is wanting to rule out parathyroid because of this low number on the pth. Dr Norman's site says the pth should be near zero if high calcium and parathyroid is acting normal. What does near zero mean? Is 7.5 near zero in this conversation? I read another post that quotes an email from Dr Norman who says no one walking around has a PTH level less than 12. Our Dr is testing for cancer and we are very concerned. Any info you can provide will be helpful.
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what was the lab's reference range for PTH?  I think 7.5 is low.

Good that your doctor is checking out other reasons for high calcium.  There are other possibilities other than cancer.

Did they check vitamin D levels yet?  They should do.
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Oh, just to add.  From what i've read, the high calcium that is seen in people with cancer is usually seen with very advanced cancer which would be hard to miss.

Let us know how you go.

I think there are some other medical conditions where high calcium is possible.... look for other explanations too, not just cancer.

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I'm not sure about all the levels, but my mom found out she had high calcium last year.  This was being caused by a benign tumor on her parathyroid.  She had is removed and is fine now. Good luck to you.
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