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High Calcium (suspected Parathyroid cause)

I have already detailed my case in another post, asking for advice about what to investigate next, and how to move forward.  In this post, I wanted to ask more qualitative questions.  (Things I can't ask a quantative-thinking doctor, who might dismiss me as a crazy nut job).

To recap.  I have been seeing an endocrine expert.  However, she considered my issues were likely just age related (I'm 58), and basically suggested I was wasting her time.  When I proposed parathyroid tests, she grungingly added it to my follow-up blood test in January 2023.  But I decided to pre-empt this scheduled test, and went to a private lab.

Calcium 10.4 H mg/dL
PTH 25.36 pg/mL

So my calcium is high.   It's reassuring to have proof that there's something wrong with me.

1. I feel that my symptoms and my health fluctuates.  Over the last five years especially, it has taken a downwards trajectory.  (Kidney Stones, Skeletal Issues, low libido/ED).  But there are hills and valleys.  Actually, a year ago, I had a standard blood test, and my calcium was 9.8167 mg/dL (within range).  Is fluctuation normal?

2. Actually, even when I was younger, I was heavily affected by seasons, lack of sunlight, and even overcast dark sky weather.  (I grew up in the UK). This is why I live in a hot country now.  Does this have something to do with UV light?  Or vitamin D?  More to the point... is it at all related to my current condition?

3. Does caffeine affect the parathyroid gland?  Or calcium mechanism?  I don't drink coffee regularly.  Occasionally I'll have ONE ice coffee in the morning to wake my mind up.  But I sometimes feel it puts stress on me too.  Stop drinking it?

4. Any dietary advice?  Cut down on calcium?  (No dairy?)

5. Is it safe to take vitamin D supplements?  1000UI daily.  I've taken this sometimes since 2020 for Covid-19 resistance.

6. Given these blood test results, what's the next step?  Parathyroid imaging scan?  I will likely try and change to a different endocrine expert at the hospital.  Prior to my appointment, what further evidence can I collect?
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I think that any time your calcium gets over 10, there is a need for more evaluation for the possibility of hyperparathyroidism.  I have no direct experience with it, but have done some reading about it after a friend ws diagnosed.  I think you will find the following link to be a good source of info that you need to know.  


The link also mentions an app for diagnosis that is highly rated.  If interested, here is a link to that.


Maybe this info will help you get a better response from your next doctor.  Please let us know how it goes.
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