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High Cholesterol

I know that some people with Hashimotos will also have high Cholesterol.  Does anyone know if the thyroid levels are brought in line with medication, will the high Cholesterol resolve too?
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Mine did!! My doctor wanted to put me on Crestor and I refused because I felt sure that because I'd never had a cholesterol problem before that it would come back in line once my thyroid levels got right again.  It took a while, but at last check they were in the normal range - surprisingly, my pcp STILL wanted to put me on Crestor - can't help wonder if he was working for ME or the drug company!!  

I'm not a doctor and I can't say that everyone's cholesterol will come back into normal range.  I'm just glad that *I* refused to add one more pill to my daily regimen....

Good luck....
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Yes my Cholesterol shot up high with Hashi/Hypo..Was tested again after eight weeks on meds and is now back in line...Dawn
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