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High PTH

Ok......I just got a call from my Family Practicioner yesterday.....He said my PTH Levels were high....Did not tell me how high, and wants me to go for a PTH scan. Did not tell me if my calcium levels were normal.  I am going back to discuss this further with him in the morning. I am also going to go to an endo.... I have hypothyroidism as well, that is being treated with 50mcg synthroid. I have had a vitamin d deficiency for about a year, and also the hypothyroid about a year. DOES THIS MEAN I HAVE HYPERPARATHYROIDISM?????? I am so confused. I see that the vit d deficiency is found in people with a high PTH... Could this parathyroid thing have been causing this deficiency all along??
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I have a Vit.D problem and was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Hypo. Just started on 75mcg Synthroid. I also have High PTH. As my D goes up, so does my PTH. It's supposed to be the opposite but my doc has no clue as to what's making my PTH go up. My calcium used to be high but now it's normal. I has a sestambi and a CT scan with contrast and nothing abnormal was seen.
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I think he would like to about hyperparathyroidism tomorrow. I'd like to make sure you talk about your calcium levels and where your at with them for sure too.

With the D deficiency - abnormal PTH and unclear serum and ionized calcium levels - it would be good for you to check the parathyroids out.

The scan is called a sestamibi scan and in many cases can miss a parathyroid tumor.

Yes - abnormal levels of thyroid - prob low - is common with hypothyroidism.
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