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High THS normal F79

I was told I have a high THS but a normal F79... this is confusing to me and my doctor asked me to go to an Endocrinologist so he can run more blood work.

FYI, I just had a baby, he is now 6 months old. He was 4 months when I went to see the doctor.
Could this be due to the pregnancy hormones? I eat non stop but lost weight, this is the reason why I went to see the doctor two months ago.
I am just wondering if I do need to go see this specialist? will it go back to normal level since my sterss level is a lot less and I have started to gain weight slowly?
What would happen if I didn't go for the follow up at all?

Please help.

thank you
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What is a F79?  What is your T4 and T3 uptake?
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I am clueless when it comes to this so, I am going to give you what I see on the report.
Free T4 is: 22.34
TSH is:  <0.019
Ferritin is: 100

The doctor mentions normal F79 in her report to the specialist but she told me that my T4 is normal so I take it that F79 is related to T4???

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You are in Singapore?

That complicates the question, because the labratory reference ranges may be totally different there.

Are there lab ranges on the report that show what the "normal" spread is? Are there "high" and "low" tags on the report?

The only medical related term I could find when I Googled F79 is a gluten antigen related to allergies.

How long before you see the Endocrinologist?
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Oh boy... I was hopping the results would be somewhat the same!!! That's why I googled the results and somehow I came up with this site and realized it would be a great idea to subscibe and see what others think.....
I guess I should just wait and see the Endocrinologist...

The problem is, I am coming back home next Thursday for 20 days, I will not be able to see the doctor until I come back from US. It will put me to March 24th!!!!
That's why I thought it would be a good idea and have a peace of mind to post here!

There are no ranges on this report, just the ones I had posted prev.

Certain things are written in Chinese and of course I don't understand it.

I can write everything that is written in this report and see if anyone can understand it...

Free T4 is: 22.34 (Ref:11.50- 22.70 units pmol/L) result 1.7 (ref: 0.9- 1.8 unit: ng/dl)
TSH is:  <0.019   (Ref:0.350- 5.500 units: MIU/L)
Ferritin is: 100     (Ref: 10  201 Units: ug/L)

Anti-nuclr Ab  results: negative

I don't know if you can make ANY SENSE out of this, but if anyone could, it would really give me the peace of mind. It doesn't really look like the doctors here have a sense of urgency, they are very relaxed about these results and didn't even give them to me at first.... it took about 5 phone calls for me to try and get my results. Now, I can't even get in with an Endo for another few weeks!!!
Should I be as relaxed as they are???

Thanks for all your help.
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Ok, I just re-read her report after 10 times at least.... I DID MAKE A MISTAKE.... (can't read doctors writing)... her report to the other doctor says:
"abnormal TSH level with normal FT4... (the way she wrote her T looked like a 7 and her 4 looked like a 9)....


Ok, so now I have:

Thanks everyone.
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You are hyperthyroid. and meds will be prescribed to get that TSH moved back into normal range. Normal is .3 - 3.0 so you see with 0.019 you are way bleow the bottom of the .3 scale of normal.

I have to ask AR about that slick detective work - how did you know Sinapore? What a slick dude. :)

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Your Free T4 is high but within lab ranges, which is not great, but it's not life threatening.

Your TSH is REALLY low.

You are Hyperthyoid, and you should be getting treated, right now. The docotor you are seeing must not have even read the report.

Your thyroid problem may very well stem from the pregnancy, and it may resolve itself in time. Treatment today may not be warranted, but further testing tomorrow would.

You need to find out if it is transient hyperthyroidism or if it is auto-immune and here to stay, and go from there.

Most doctors would probably have you on meds today and monitor you every six weeks and stop the meds when your hormones fell back into line.

It doesn't sound like you want to be treated by the doctor that doesn't know low from high. If it's any consolation, Endo appointments here are running 6-8 weeks out.
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Stella, I looked at her Bio. :)

After chasing the F79 thing around I started wondering where she lived. people post from all over the world.

Even Iowa. :^)
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This thread is moving fast. LOL!!

or I'm moving slow...

Well, at least now you know something.
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Thank you so much, it does make better sense.... how in the world am I going to see a doctor though????
I guess I will keep the appt. for after I come back from the state and take it from there.
I really didn't want to go on meds because I am still breastfeeding and I don't want it to harm my baby.
But, I guess my health is just as important.

Don't you guys think that TSH is way low because of the pregnancy? and it could go back to normal? I did give blood back in December, I am sure if I give blood now, I would hope that it is much higher!!!
A lot was going on in my life... having a new baby, moving away from the family, moving to a new country... all that stress puts a toll on your body!!!!

Thanks again for the help.

PS: Stella, Yes I did move to Singapore in October. AR did read my bio :o)
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Just keep your Endo appointment and watch you health in the meantime. If you start having heart irregularities, let your doctor know.

Your doctor probably shares your concerns about breastfeeding.

The Reason I went "????" was because of the T4 test result.

That wasn't right by any lab test I've seen. I started thinking "maybe not from U.S.".

So I looked.

When you posted the lab limits, it shows Free T4 measuerd by two different methods, with different values and lab ranges. The second set is the same used in most labs in the U.S.

Hope it's transient.
Best of luck.
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Well, it's a good thing I did post all the results from the report. Thanks so much for clearing it up for me :o)
I will keep the appt. and when I come back from San Diego, I will go and see what the doc. says....

Thanks again.
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