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High TSH and normal T3/T4


I was on thydoid medication for past 2 years and my TSH levels were normal. But as I was facing problems with my periods, i decided to try out acupuncture to naturally regulate TSH. Post 20 days of treatment, (10 days each with a gap of 20 days in between), I did a test today and my results are

T3 - 0.87ngml ( Range 0.8-1.6)
T4 - 4.2ug/ml (Range 4.2 - 12)
TSH - 100.15 mlu/mL
I used to have symptoms like fatigue while I was on thyroid medication, and it has nearly vanished post acupuncture treatment. Still why am I getting abnormal results. Can someone help
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Both of your actual hormone results are dead rock bottom!  while technically they fall within the "normal range". That means absolutely NOTHING!

MANY people do not feel well until they have BOTH of the following.

1) Free T4 (FT4) to be in the MIDDLE of the range or slightly higher. That means 50% of the range or a bit more. Your test results are literally ZERO percent of the range!!!!!  (But I'm not even sure if the test was teh Free T4 or "total" T4.  Total T4 is an obsolete test of little value. But you can assume if your Total T4 is low, it is highly likely that your "free T4" is also low1

AND- this means in addition to #1 above

2) Free T3 (FT3) to be no less than 50% of the range and most people need to be more towards 67% of the range (upper half to upper 1/3 of the range). You are testing at literally less than 1% of the range.

BOTH of your levels are woefully low and it is absolutely zero wonder why you are having symptoms!

And it is no wonder why you have a very high TSH!

Is it possible that the acupuncture is artificially masking or hiding some or most of your symptoms?

In my opinion, you need to start thyroid replacement medication if you are symptomatic.  

Why did you start acupuncture?  Was it due to Hypo symptoms to be relieved?  If so maybe a proper dose of medication will prevent the need for continued acupuncture.  At least it may be possible!
We are trying to conceive and my periods were irregular despite tsh being in normal levels during medication ..I stopped my thyronorm meds in march to try acupuncture to naturally regulate thhyroid hormones..
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In light of the ranges given, I suspect the test listed as "T3" is actually FREE T4, and the one listed as "T4" is total T4.  Please verify that.  Did they test FREE T3?

Your TSH is very high, and I agree that you should probably be on thyroid meds.  How long have you been off thyroid meds?  What had you been taking?  It sounds like your meds were never properly adjusted.  If they had been, you wouldn't have had the hypo symptoms.  
I have been off med since 4th March..Was having 50mg thyronorm on weekdays and 75mg on weekends..Med dosage was adjusted over last year..tsh was 5.7 when tested in Feb..but I was still having problems with my periods and irregular bbt...so thought of going for acupuncture to naturally regulate  thyroid hormones...took a thyroid profile/TFT test...
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The test listed as "T3" is FREE T4, correct?

Did they test anything else in February when your TSH was 5.7?

Have you ever had antibodies tested to see if you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis?
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