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High TSH in first trimester of pregnancy

I am so much tensed and nervous now, can't really explain..  feel like I have done the biggest mistake of my life. My thyroid problem was diagnosed in 2010 and I didn't take it seriously till Jan 2012, at which time my TSH was whopping 30, fT3 and fT4 at 5 and 12 respectively .. after which I was on regular meds and met a great endo and finally after regular follow ups my levels were Tsh = 0.1, T3 = 4.1 and T4 = 14 in Oct 2012... and then I went overseas for 2 weeks in november and took one strip of thyroxin with me but my mistake that I switched off the refrigerator and when I came back I just switched on the refrigerator, never realised that the tablets were not in "working" refrigerator for last two weeks and are of no use.. So, I continue taking the meds (obviously which were useless) and my follow up was after 3 months which was 2 days ago and my results came as TSH = 12 T3 = 4 and T4 = 14... I would not be too much worried about this but adding to the complication is the fact that my pregnancy results came positive which means i am 4 weeks pregnant as of now.. so now i have lost my sleep reading all on internet that uncontrolled thyroid levels can cause havoc and what not to the baby. I also realised that there are different measurement units of TFTs in different parts of world. I am in Australia and here normal levels of TSH = 0.5-5.0, T3 = 3.1 - 6.0 and T4 = 11-21. Please please help !! I just want a healthy baby !!!! Are there any tests that can confirm if the baby is growing healthy without any deformities??? I have an appointment with endo this wednesday.. I am just praying to GOD that all goes well.
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Levothyroxine doesn't need to be refrigerated.  Two weeks at room temperature wouldn't hurt it at all.

Your FT3 and FT4 are virtually unchanged, which would indicate the meds WERE working.

Your FT3 qnd FT4 levels are not terrible.  Only your TSH is high, which probably reflects the fact that your thyroid is now making hormones for two.

You need an increase in meds due to your pregnancy.  Your endo will no doubt incresase your meds on Wednesday.  Just test frequently from now on.
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Thanks sooo much for taking time to reply. Does it mean if my T3 and T4 are normal, my baby is safe? My pharmacist told me that my medication needs to be refrigerated at all times and if I take it out for travel, I should not use it for more than 2 weeks and thats what is annoying me that how did I forget this advise. I have also read that baby gets thyroid from mum in first trimester but not sure which period of first trimester? also are there any tests to confirm that baby will be born healthy and with normal iQ?
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Even though your TSH is high, your FT3 and FT4 levels are pretty good.  You'd have to ask your ob/gyn how your baby might be affected and if there are any tests you should have.  That's more than I know about.  

Since you're in Aus, I assume you're taking thyroxine and not desiccated procine hormone.  The latter is the only one that needs refrigeration.  I keep my thorixine at room temperature, and I sometimes have several months ahead.

Yes, I think you're right.  The baby gets his thyroid hormones from his mum until his thyroid develops and starts to produce his own.  
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I live in Australia and i'm currently taking Eutroxsig. The pharmacist always gives me this prescription in a silver bag (used for products that must be refrigerated) and i have to go straight home to place it in the fridge.

Excerpt from Prescribing Trends Around the World (this article first appeared in British Thyroid Foundation News Autumn 2009):

Beverly Garfield, President of the Australian Thyroid Foundation (ATF) Ltd...

"Sigma Pharmaceuticals Australia produces both of the brands of levothyroxine available in Australia: Oroxine (original) and Eutroxsig (generic). They are both packed the same. There are 200 tablets in each box. The doses are, 200mcg, 100mcg, 75mcg (a recently introduced dose which the ATF lobbied), and 50mcg. They are packed in blister strips, plastic and foil. Because of the climate in Australia, the tablets must be kept in the refrigerator and are stored in the refrigerator at the pharmacist. The ATF has recently designed a ‘medication travel pouch’ to keep the blisters cool for hopefully up to 30 hours. This pouch will be available to our members, once government approvals have been granted and production has completed."

Excerpt from Thyroxine Changes from Thyroid Australia - 2004:

"There are two brands of thyroxine available in Australia – Oroxine and Eutroxsig – both manufactured by Sigma Pharmaceuticals. If you have had an Oroxine or Eutroxsig prescription filled since June, you will have discovered that these products now require refrigeration at all times.

Up until now, these products could be kept in a cool, dry place below 30C and protected from light. Oroxine and Eutroxsig are still the same; they are still manufactured in exactly the same way using exactly the same ingredients. The only thing that has changed is the storage requirement.

In June 2003 Sigma was instructed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to reduce the shelf lives of Oroxine and Eutroxsig from 24 months to 12 months (with refrigeration)."
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