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High Thyroglobulin Antibodies- Hashimoto’s?

Hey everyone! I recently got blood work done and have a ESR sed rate of 22 (range 0-20) and thyroglobulin antibodies were 214 (range 0-115). My TSH is within reference range but not the functional range of 1.8-3.0. What could this indicate? I have all the symptoms of hypothyroid. I also had a Pap test come back with abnormal cells, and I have spots on my liver that they can’t rule out as benign. I’m freaking myself out because I either have Hashi’s or Cancer everywhere? I have done a lot of research and have appts scheduled with OBGYN & PCP Please help!
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You have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Ask for free T4 and free T3 tests as well.  

One study found 40% with hypothyroidism had a vitamin B12 deficiency. Also autoimmune pernicious anaemia is one of the autoimmune diseases linked to Hashimotos'thyroiditis. This is of particular interest as you mention abnormal papsmear result.

Excerpts from the article When B 12 deficiency causes false cancer scares...

"In addition to increasing your risk of cancer, B12 deficiency can increase the odds that you'll receive an incorrect diagnosis of precancerous lesions, particularly if you're a woman. That's because B12 deficiency causes the cells lining the cervix to become deformed. These cell changes can cause Pap smears to appear abnormal, often leading to additional tests or even to unnecessary surgeries.

Thus, the presence of what appear to be pre-malignant cells in a Pap smear should always lead doctors to include comprehensive B 12 testing as part of the diagnostic process. This should include treating a serum B12 falling in the gray zone."

"This woman was diagnosed with pernicious anemia in July of 2000, began receiving injections of B12, and went back to her OB/GYN for a repeat Pap smear in October. This time, for the first time in eight years, the result was perfectly normal. This doesn't surprise us at all, because her untreated pernicious anemia made the cells irregular in the first place—and treating that disease caused the cells to become healthy again."
Thank You Red_Star! I did have the following tests done:
Vitamin D- extremely low 9 out of 11 times over the previous years.
B12- never low, twice it was high
Free T4- 1.21 (Range- .93-1.70)
Free T3- 2.99 (Range- 2.00-4.90)
Total T3- 1.13 (Range- .80-1.80)
T Uptake- 33.6% (Range- 25-38%)

TSH history (Range .34-5.60)
11/22/17- 0.43 uIU/ml
08/17/16- 1.75 uIU/ml
08/26/15- 1.33 uIU/ml
08/01/14- 1.29 uIU/ml

Vitamin B12 history (Range 180-914)
11/22/17- 707 pg/ml
08/17/16- 1138 pg/ml (H)
01/27/16- 650 pg/ml
08/26/15- 854 pg/ml
08/01/14- 1430 pg/ml (H)

Free Thyroxine history (Range 0.6-1.7)
11/22/17- 0.9 ng/dl
Also I get pins and needles soooo bad which is a symptom of autoimmune pernicious anemia
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Both free T4 and free T3 not in what is considered optimal range (at least 50% of the reference range).

There are quite a number of reasons for high B12 serum including B12 deficiency! Other tests for B12 are homocysteine (my level was 7.3 umol/L from memory after B12 injections). Also, methylmalonic acid (MMA) and holotranscobalamin II (holo-TC).

This is from Chris Kressers article 'What Everyone (Especially Vegetarians) Should Know About B12 Deficiency"...

"Also, be aware that a high serum B12 does not necessarily rule out functional/active B12 deficiency. In fact, I have come to view a high serum B12 in the absence of supplementation as a potential red flag for active B12 deficiency."

From what I've found online..

Levels of serum vitamin B12 may be raised in:

* Frequent consumption of foods high in vitamin B12

* Vitamin B12 supplements/injections, B complex, or multivitamins

* Functional (active) vitamin B12 deficiency

* MTHFR gene

* Polycythaemia Rubra Vera  

* Leukaemia:
- Chronic myelogenous leukaemia aka chronic granulocytic leukaemia
- Acute myeloblastic leukaemia
- Acute promyelocytic leukaemia

* Hypereosinophilic syndrome

* Myelosclerosis

* Carcinomatosis

* Liver disease:
- Acute hepatitis
- Cirrhosis
- Chronic liver disease
- Hepatic coma

* Non-leukaemic leucocytosis

* Chloral Hydrate

* Lab error
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I forgot to mention vitamin D deficiency. One study found:

94% of overt hypothyroid Hashimoto’s patients had vitamin D deficiency.

98% of subclinical hypothyroid Hashimoto’s patients had vitamin D deficiency.

86% of euthyroid Hashimoto’s patients had vitamin D deficiency.

Thank you for all the information! It is helpful! I’m in the medical field and normally smart, but this is unknown for me. I have 3 spots on my liver. I just don’t know what to do. What do you mean by the percentage of function in the reference range? I’m not familiar with it. Also, does lower TSH indicate hyperthyroid? It is very confusing. I really appreciate your help!!
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To give you an example, my free T4 range is 10 - 20 pmol/L. 50% of the range is 15 pmol/L. My sweet spot is in the 16 range. This is in the upper 50% of the range. Other members here can calculate the percentage your numbers are in the range. There is some math equation to work it out. I hate maths! :)

With Hashimoto's thyroiditis, TSH can be low on one lab test and higher the next.  As thyroid cells are destroyed by the antibody attack, excess hormone is released (hashitoxicosis) so you may have hyperthyroid symptoms on and off.
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I found this info online from liver basics...

"Visible spots on the liver appear using medical imaging technology (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, etc.). Normally, the liver has a smooth, uniform appearance in images generated by such techniques. When spots or discolorations appear, this can be a sign of various liver disorders ranging from benign tumors to inflammation to cancer."

I did not have a liver ultrasound with Hashimoto's but my liver enzymes were elevated due to untreated Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
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I definitely have the easy heart rate, i get really shaky, chronic fatigue, IBS, when I wake up in the am I feel like I just got hit by a truck, joint and muscle pain, unable to lose weight (I’ve gained 50lbs in the last 4 years, headaches, etc.

I feel like my body is self-destructing lol. I have the 3 spots on the liver. Does thyroglobulin also indicate Graves’ disease? I feel like I have symptoms of both (but no bulging eyes or thick skin on front of lower legs). Maybe that’s just the thyroid going into the hyper state. Is there anything else that you recommend I talked to my dr about getting tested? I’m going to ask for a thyroid ultrasound. thank you again for helping  me.
*fast heart rate... (sometimes it goes up to the 120’s.) I’m over 90 bpm usually 4-6 hours per day.
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You can have both Graves and Hashimoto's at the same time. I had this myself.  Also called Hashitoxicosis...medicine ran out of ideas lol. But hyper symptoms are more intense compared to "leakage" symptoms from Hashimoto's.  

I had the pretibal myexedema
(lasted 12 months) but the condition is not common (0.5–4.3% with Graves).  

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAb) - 90% Hashimoto's thyroiditis, 75% Graves disease.

Thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb) - 70% Hashimoto's thyroiditis, 30% Graves.

Thyroid Receptor antibodies (TRAb) - 70 - 100% Graves. Some labs will report thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins (TSI).
Hi, l chatted with you back about 3yrs ago. I live in Rocky my tag is Loui2. I was wondering if you still see Dr Christopher  Strakosch in Brissy? I had my left lobe and middle bit of my thyroid removed 2014 due to tumour. On no meds and still have same issues with hypo symptoms. G. P won't  put me on meds cos of so called in range levels.  Sick of Rocky drs. Hoping you know of good Specialist? Cheers Louise
Hi again. :) I haven't seen Dr Strakosch for years. A doctor that should be able to treat your thyroid based on symptoms is in Yeppoon. I found out about this doctor fairly recently actually. I wish I had of known earlier! Dr Kaverjit at  Yeppoon Family Practice. I have heard there is a three month wait list but you may get in earlier.
Hi :). Is he a G.P? I am presently under Dr Lonia who is fairly ok. Cos l have other health issues, she coordinates with the specialists in Brissy. Thats why l probably need a specialist. Hoping for a quick fix, as we all do. Do you need a referral to the doc in Yeppoon?
Just looked him up. Will see what l can do to see him.
Dr K is an integrative doctor. Just book an appointment as no referral needed. I just found an article about Dr K...


Dr Kaverjit Gujral is working at the forefront of his field, employing state-of-the-art Integrative (Wellness) Medicine tools and techniques, along with the best of conventional medicine. Dr Kaverjit’s own wellness journey has made him particularly passionate about the incredible benefits of Integrative Medicine.

Doctor – Functional & Integrative Medicine
Integrative GP, specialising in autism spectrum disorders, mental health, pyrrole disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, gut health, thyroid disorders, bio-identical hormones, integrative cancer treatment, intravenous nutrient therapy, heavy metal toxicity, chronic pain management – Prolotherapy (American Academy of Musculoskeletal medicine), and Perineural injection treatment.

Member & Affiliation

Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practice
AIMA (Australian Integrative Medicine Association)
ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine)
ACMN (Australian College of Medical Nutrition)
American Academy of Anti-Ageing
Bio Balance Practitioner (Walsh Research Institute)
MINDD Forum Practitioner
FITGENES Practitioner (For Genetic profiling for healthy living & ageing)
Genostics Practitioner"
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Lol on the Hashitoxicosis... sounds like they did run out of names. I mean I am overweight and have gained quite a bit for no reason, i eat less then every before. I think I also may need to get more blood work done. What is the functional range of T3 & T4? I really don’t hope I have graves too... but if I look at symptoms of both, I have symptoms of both. So confusing
Maths is not my strongsuit! But in my brain (lol) I take the top number and minus the bottom number then divide that result by 2 then add that number to the bottom number. O_o

Free T4- 1.21 (Range- .93-1.70)
50% = 1.315
Free T3- 2.99 (Range- 2.00-4.90)
50% = 3.45

I gained weight with hypothyroidism. I'm not sure how much weight I gained overall with Hashi's but I did check my weight tracker and from Oct 22 2011 to just after I started thyroid medication Feb 28 2012 (4 months) and I gained 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs). My lowest free T4 was 13 (10 - 20). I started medication at that point. 13 is not my sweet spot!
Yea my body has just been crazy with the weight not wanting to leave, my ankles swell sometimes my face and arms look puffy. So does that mean free T3 and free T4 are uncfiining at 50%?
*are functioning at 50%
And is that good?
Both your free T4 and free T3 are under 50%. Everyone has their own sweet spot for where they feel good but generally speaking most feel their best over 50% of the range.
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She minuave another question. I’m going to the doctor a week from Monday and another doctor a week from Tuesday. Any suggestions on the questions that I should ask? I am going to be sonipset if either one of them try and brush this off. And for the record I had mycoplasma I pneumonia for 16!weeks and nearly took my life at the end of 2016 beginning of 2017. It didn’t respond to antibiotics but my doctor insisted I stay on them anyway. I really might lose my temper if he says that 214 TgAb (Range0-114) is normal. I asked for the nuclear antibody test and he wouldn’t let me have that, he didn’t think I had anything wrong with my thyroid and told me to watch my diet. I eat like a bird, I should be a toothpick. So insulting that what I’m telling him isn’t believed.
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I finally go to my PCP at 5:15 tonight. I’m preparing myself for what he will say.... are there any specific questions any of you think I should ask? I’m nervous that he is going to blow this off... after waiting 3 weeks
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I want to also add that I have been feelin like I am going to pass out lately. Not sure if hashi’s can cause that?!
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