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High ebv and thyroid TSH high

Epstein-barr virus and thyroid problems at the same time.
Not sure what test and symptoms are indicating, any suggestions would be great. Test results and symptoms are as follows:

Swollen neck glands Oct. 08
Gallbladder removed Oct. 08 (not functioning 15% HiDaScan, confirmed diseased after surgery).

12/02/08  EBV AB VCA IGG  1353  (range was 0-99) , CMV and other antibodies normal range.
12/02/08  TSH   4.55 High  (range 0.27-4.20)

12/15/08  EBV AB VCA IGG  1565  (range was 0-99) , IGM was 16 (0-99)

1/16/09  Thyroid perox, AB  <10  (abnormal range <35)
             Thryoglobulin, AB  <20  (abnormal range <20)
1/16/09  Ultrasound Thyroid/Goiter: see attachments.  VERY CONFUSED ON RESULTS.

* started 1/16/09 on Levothyroxine 50mcg - no effect
** Completed 875mg of amoxicillian (10 day) - no effect

Symptoms: Nodes in neck, high mid sternum, collar bone area, armpit, groin area experience pain and swelling on/off. Enlarged area in Right thyroid area, also tender/tight feeling at times. Extreme fatigue, sinus infections, pain and swellng in Liver and Spleen area. Chronic low grade fever. Sore throat/swelling in upper region of throat.

Family History of Cancer (unknown type, limited history), MS, and Heart.

ENT is treating TSH levels only and allowing a month for Levothyroxine to take effect. At time of post 1 mo. is complete, no effect.  
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(Firefighter672 continued)  Sorry everyone I'm new to posting, This post is page two of ultrasound results.

1. A solitary, predominatntly isoechoic right thyroid nodule is identified.  The completely uniform halo around the nodule is highly suggestive of a benign with the specificity as high as 95%. However, because the lesion is solitary, demonstrates some intrinsic Doppler flow and is rather large, fine needle aspiration should still be considered.

2. A probable lymph node is identified posterior to the right thyroid lobe that demonstrates benign sonographic features.

report complete.
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Wow.  You're going through a lot right now.  Don't really have an answer for you but can say I once had mononucleosis so I can relate to some of the symptoms you describe - they're painful.

Hope you get more responses.  Good luck.
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I think an FNA is needed.

898 would be a good person to ask this.
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When I had off the charts EBV numbers like you, I had to rest, take Vitamin Ester C (take a lot) Enada, or Nadh (found at health food store, expensive but worth it) and ddrink fluids.  Check for food allergies and Vitamin D levels too.  Good luck, you must feel so fatigued!  

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I too have EBV numbers that are off the charts. However, I have a "low normal" TSH and I also have high TSI numbers, which are usually indicative of Grave's disease. I have more neurological symptoms and eye pain than anything else, yet right now, all I know is that I have EBV(chronic), Vitamin D deficient, and possible thyroid issues. I had a thyroid scan and uptake done and it appears to be normal, which is very frustrating!
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