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High thyroglobulin antibodies

Prior to my RAI treatment on thursday the doctor gave me results on my blood work. He said TSH was normal. No Tg, however, he said that thyroglobulin antibodies were high. He gave me no numbers just that they were high. Does this mean anything? I just had TT 3 weeks ago. Thanks
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Thyroglobulin antibodies are proteins that the body’s immune system develops to attack thyroglobulin. These antibodies can develop at any time and when they are present, they interfere with the thyroglobulin test. Once they have developed, they will not go away and from that point forward, the TgAb test should be ordered with every thyroglobulin test. Thyroglobulin testing is also occasionally ordered to help determine the cause of hyperthyroidism and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for conditions such as Grave’s disease.

Elevated levels of thyroglobulin do not in themselves imply a poor prognosis. In monitoring for cancer recurrence, change over time is more important than one particular thyroglobulin test result.
It is important to have serial thyroglobulin tests performed at the same laboratory because test methods may produce different results in different laboratories.
Fifteen to twenty percent of thyroid cancer patients have thyroglobulin antibodies (also called thyroglobulin autoantibodies). These antibodies can lead to falsely low or high thyroglobulin results depending on the method used.

I hope that helps.
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Very helpful. Thanks alot
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