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Highly symptomatic, but normal test results

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  My test results showed normal thyroid hormone levels (I'm not sure if they did an antibody test as well).  I've been experiencing overwhelming fatigue, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, muscle weakness, joint and muscle pain (sometimes severe), sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, sleepiness (I never wake up feeling rested), and sensitivity to medications.  I have experienced fatigue since the age of 11, but it has worsened in the past few years. I am a 22 year old female.  I have so many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, could my thyroid still not be functioning very well despite normal test results?

I am a senior in college and I have every intention of attending graduate school programs but I simply will not be able to effectively do what I want to do with this level of fatigue.  Even if I felt only 20% better it would be like being reborn.  I'd be a thousand times more confident about continuing my education.  Any advice would be great.
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I do not have a copy of my labs, but were told they were normal?? I do have nodules they have been checking with ultra sounds....one nodule grew slightly and they r still just waiting, while I have the symptoms u described...I am not on meds at this time...if only I would wake up and it felt like I was rested...wow!! I used to want so many other things.....oh well...u r young and know what u can and can not handle.....my daughter just finished grad school and it was very draining.....unfortunatley u need to do the same as me, push for more answers from ur dr- or find a new one.
Depending on ur course load u may handle grad school with no problems....ask ur dr.

Good luck
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I just spoke with my GP and he's okay with starting me on some meds. It would be a low dose but I'm so miserable, I have to do something.  Grad school is draining no matter what.  I have wanted to be a veterinarian my entire life, I have a lot of schooling ahead of me, and I want to be able to make it through all of it.
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Also, Selma, thank you for the good wishes.  I'm sorry you're suffering as well, I hope you find some answers too. Do you have Hashimoto's as well? I've heard that normal test results might not indicate normal thyroid function, and that treatment in such cases is still beneficial.

I just want to feel better!
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U r so welcome......awwwwww I love animals..I am sure u will be very good at it especially since it's been a dream for so much of ur growing up and it didn't change....my daughter asked to take dance lessons at 2.5 and now has her masters in dance ed......yeah ...it's hashimotos.....I am confused as to y I am not on meds yet...my  skin is soooo dry...never had dry skin.....I do have other health issues adding to my list of symptoms, so maybe that'd y the drs r reluctant to put me on meds.

I am sure u will do well in school...just pace urself.

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I have the same issue ... have all the symptoms but all blood work is normal.  I do have a nodule as well that has to be rechecked in 6 months and a slightly enlarged thyroid.  My doctor has suggested a very small dose of levothyroxine to try to shrink it but it seems there is some controversary as to whether or not it can be beneficial.  Supposedly it's the nodule that causes these symptoms.

agb621, I'd see about having an ultrasound done.  That's how they discovered my issues.  
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How long since ur nodule was discovered?...mine were found in April....still no meds...did ur symptoms dissapate with the meds?
I just need my PC to get with the program and understand I do have symptoms...who wants a sore throat constantly?? ....not me!!..I need something done soon.

Thanks for sharing ur info.

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