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Hives that won't go away! Help

A little background, I'm 33 and over the last few years I have had some serious, unexplained weight gain. Working with my doc we tried a number of things and I had been unsuccessful in losing the weight, or even to stop the gaining.  My bloodwork showed that I fell within the normal range for the thyroid tests.  However, I was on the edge of low T3.  Ultimately, she decided I should try a baby dose of a natural thyroid med, Westhroid, to bring it up from being on the edge of low.  I took the med for 1 week during which I started noticing hives that got worse throughout the week.  Since the med was the only thing that changed I stopped the med (I did talk to my doc about it). I haven't taken the med for over a week now and I am still getting crazy hives all over.  My doc prescribed me prednisone that didn't seem to do anything.  I take benadryl to temporarily relieve the symptoms.  But the hives seem to be getting worse.  Anyone have something similar? And have you had any luck getting rid of the hives permanently? I've never had allergies or had an allergic reaction to a med before. Am I going to be stuck with hives for the rest of my life? Any suggestions for relief?
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I had a reaction to meds a while back - hives and swelling - Benadryl made mine worse.  I would be cautious using Benadryl.
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