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Hoarseness as hypothyroid symptom

Has anyone developed hoarseness due to hypothyroidism who has NOT had surgery or RAI?
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Definitely.  An enlarged thyroid (goiter) can press on your laryngeal nerve which is the nerve controlling you larynx (voice box).  It causes hoarseness.

I have a goiter, and before starting levo, I was hoarse all the time.  I still am to some extent, but it's improved a lot on the levo.
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Nancib, I'm hypo and I get hoarseness. I call it my 'sexy voice'.
:) Tamra

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Hi Nancib,

I had a tt 5 & 1/2 years ago, and do get hoarse. But, the hoarseness started YEARS before I was diagnosed with anything. I didn't put the two together until I found the lump and researched the thyroid online while waiting for my first appointment with an endo. I can't call it my "sexy voice", though. Wish I could. :D
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Yes, I get hoarseness for the past year. I have had an ENT look at my throat and she found my vocal cords inflammed so she prescribed me antibiotics but lately its been happening more so then normal. I am hypothyroidism. I will request further testings to see if they see something that can be causing this.
Sexy voice its fun at first and everyone likes to hear sexy voice but its getting uncomfortable and I am finding it to be discomfortable when I speak..
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