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Home from surgery

I just got home from the hospital today!  I had my surgery Wed. afternoon/  He ended up doing a TT since pap. cancer was confirmed by the frozen section during surgery.  I am totally at peace with that.  I stayed an extra night because I was still nauseous and vomiting late Thursday afternoon I think because of the anesthesia and morphine.(I switched to percosette)  They also wanted to keep an eye on my calcium levels  They didn't drop, but they weren't increasing to his liking.It went up to 8.7 when I left the hospital.  I am happy to be home.  Everyone was wonderful at the hospital, but there is no place like home. I missed my daughter and dogs :)  Thanks to everyone for your support and help.  I will continue to stay on the boards since I am officially a member now:))  Thanks for the prayers and thoughts!
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Thats great. Glad you're home. You have the whole thing out so no need to worry. Did they schedule you for RAI treatment?

I was supposed to have my surgery yesterday (Thursday), but the surgeon was late in the previous surgery (he does 2 a day on Mon & Thursdays) as he was having trouble with a parathyroid gland of the patient before me. As a result, mine was cancelled and I tentatively rescheduled it for August 16th, 2007 today.

Were you nervous before the surgery?


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So glad I came online and saw your post .. I was concerned.  Yes, isn't it amazing the "peace" a firm diagnosis makes.  I know that feeling and I still possess that feeling .. you may have major ups and downs as you process this new part of yourself but you will do well I am certain.

Yes, RedHead ... at peace ... now you can take all that energy and heal yourself and move forward as you are in total control of the Pap Cancer and always remember that ... Cheryl
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I am so glad that you did well from your surgery and now are home around the one's that love you to help you with the healing process.
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

God Bless
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I'm sorry about your cancellation- to get that psyched up and then having it cancelled is stressful I'm sure.  I actually believe it or not wasn't nervous.  I was at peace and wanted it done..........I think I had so much support and so many prayers, maybe that was it. I also had do much confidence in my surgeon.   The worst is over, I believe.  Coming right out of it was tough, but I'm glad that part is over.  It was so nice to see posts asking about me- total strangers that have become my friends.  I don't have RAI scheduled yet- the surgeon is waiting for the final path report and he and my endo will discuss RAI treatment if any.  It was not a definite yet.  Keep your chin up Shane and maybe you can go sooner......that's way to long to wait.  Kim
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I am happy to hear your surgery went well. It is always scary when one has to go under. You have a great attitude about pap cancer and as my Dr. said if your going to have cancer thyroid cancer is the one you want as it is so very treatable. Did you feel a bit of relief because now you know and can take the steps to deal with it and heal. I was more scared of the unknown. I hear you when you said you were happy to be home.. There no place like home..:) I just had my surgery 5-23-07 with one night stay. I thought hospital's where quiet places....oh my goodness I didn't sleep much at all even with morphine. When I got home I slept for most of  three days and by the fourth I was feeling much better and stronger and everyday since. I had and still do have alot of muscle soreness and bruising from the surgery. Just remember to rest even when you feel good and take it one day at time.


PS.. Shane79 Aug 16th. That seems like a long time. That is going to drive you crazy. :) You couldn't get anything sooner or is that what works best for you..

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Glad your home from your surgery and welcome to the double smile club.  For the next few weeks just take care of yourself and try not to overdue things.  Each day gets a little better.  I had my TT Dec 06 for pap. cancer also.  I had so much problems with my calcium that I was in for six days.  So I know what you mean when you say there's no place like home.  If you need RAI and have any questions, we're here for ya....just ask away.  RAI wasn't that bad for me...it's the hypohell leading up to it that was not so much fun.  I'm glad they got the little cancer bugars out of you!!!  If you need some scarves, I've got a bunch of them I don't use anymore.  Now I proudly show my scar, because it's by badge of honor for surviving thyca!!!  

Now go get some rest!!!!
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So glad to hear that you're home now. Take care and keep us posted.
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Hi, so glad you're through surgery.  Like you said, the first days are the worst and you're so right, you just do not get rest at the hospital.  It's great they could confirm the pap carcinoma during the surgery....good to just get it over with all at once.  Take it easy, even when you're feeling lots of energy.....it's a big adjustment for your body to have your thyroid totally removed.  I'll keep you in my thoughts for a swift recovery!
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Thanks for your thoughts.  I too will wear my scar with pride.  I have nothing to be ashamed of!!!  I had extensive reconstruction by an amazing plastic surgeon on my face after I had squamous cell skin cancer removed, so I have a big scar on my face.  He did such an amazing job that it is hardly noticeable to others- of course I see it everyday.  I have had 5 facial sugeries due to skin cancer, so I think this neck think isn't so bad.  Maybe it will be an excuse for me to buy a nice COACH scarf :)  Perhaps a handbag and a pair of shoes to match!!!  LOL  I'm sure I will have many many more questions about RAI and what's to come.  Thanks again.
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Welcome to the double smile club sis.I am gald you are home and doing well.
I am sorry about the pap cancer but its soooo treatable and beatable.
you rest and heal now and we will be with you everystep of the way.
Love Venora Moonwind
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hey red, glad to hear you are home and doing well. rest and take care ...and let others take care of YOU!
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