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Hot flashes? Synthroid or perimenopause? Ladies???

UGH .. hot flashes .... @ night again .... too many times this past week during day and night .... cannot wait to hear back from Dr. re latest TSH ......... no insomnia; just anxiety + these flashes which aren't just hot .. they are hot flashes with sweat!  UGH again.

Cheryl (synthroid 100mcgs TSH 0.669 .. on 100 for about 10weeks up from 88)
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I mentioned in another post about how much I SWEAT...all the time!!!  I also mentioned how much a problem it can be for us kidney stone sufferers. I hope you are drinking an extra amount of fluids to replace the sweating....???

It sucks when it just smacks you right out of the blue doesnt it?? Do you get any warnings that its about to hit?

Hubby knows when Im having one of THOSE days when he finds me with my head in the freezer! LOL
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Do you guys feel sick to your stomach when you get these?  I had something happen this morning that was kind of scary.  I had just gotten up, and was out on my deck when I started feeling sick to my stomach and sweating like crazy.  I ended up laying back down and taking my temp - which was 97.0, so no fever.  Whew!  I continued to feel that way for about 10 minutes, then was fine.  Strange.

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Hope things get better for you real soon. Take Care-Pam
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Yes, drinking extra liquids ...... the only oddity this month (first time in 3-4yrs since irregular to any degree) was 8 day long period this month ?  (I have history of perimenopause symptoms 3-4yrs ago but now may all have been thyroid related and went away never to return until now maybe ???)

My 8 day long monthly may have been from UTI the doc said most likely.  The only other ? the doc had was that it could have been ovarian cyst causing the irregularity and pain when he examined me but I was at OB for well care in May 07 and no cyst ... of course things can change .... but I get that pain upon exam alot and my OB thinks it is from ureter inflammation (from the stones or infection) or scar tissue from a C-section.  My Doc seemed ok when I told him that.  I had a CT scan in March for kidney stones and no cyst either.  The Levaquin is working .. less discomfort now.

All quiet at the moment ...

I am on the Levaquin.  Worst it does is cause gas pains .. no dizzy, nothing else and I've taken it before.

Also drinking cranberry juice.

I only have felt that faint feeling that kipland ?'d when I'm ill with something and throw up ..never from anything else.   I hope you are feeling better Lori.

Pam .. thanks for your well wishes

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I am hot all the time.even when i was hypo.I kept waiting for the cold but it finally came about 4 days before the RAI. I never used to seat so much as I do now ,It must be the synthroid. thats all I can think of. anyway.
Love Venora
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I'm not even 30 yet and swear some days I'm going through menopause.  It's not as bad during the day, but I can't get cool enough at night.  Every morning I wake up and am just drenched from sweating so much.  I am on synthroid and I have noticed this ever since my tt a year and half ago.  So basically it looks like no relief in my future?
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Interesting isn't it we share alike .. !

No Dr. call yet .. so Monday is another day I guess until I hear the TSH levels.  My Endo calls the NEXT DAY ..but this is the primary doc and he wants to "confer" with endo .. so I'm ok waiting .. cannot do anythinga bout it anyway right!

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