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How are we doing? 1 is bad -- 10 is great ...

Go for it .. let us know how you are doing?

I'll go first:  I'm an 8 ..........doing pretty well on my 75 vs. 88mcgs of Synthroid!

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Hmmm I believe I am an 8...First time in a Loooooooooong time I can honestly say that. 114.3mcg of my own dosing and I feel super...ok..the knee feels like proverbial but the whole thyroid thing is much better.
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I would say about a 7.

Gland underneath jaw painful.....plus long weekend with select baseball.....

We left our house Friday at 6:30pm got home Sunday night at 11:30pm.
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always room for improvement  :)
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Insomnia(in case you haven't heard)
poor functioning, due to exhaustion
brain fog
mental sluggishness,
poor memory,
loss of interest in everyday activities, due mostly to fatigue
no appetite
feel like I am fainting away,

Just had a med increase from 15 to 30, so hope that will help and soon....
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forgot to add (did I mention I have memory problems, ha ha ),

tingling arms

I am trying to make the best of it, the best way I can. And this place is one of the best tools I have right now....
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Lets see!!!! I like to be positive but right now I would have to say a 6.99999 and I do have room for improvement.
Right now I am exhausted. Just got back last night from GA.  Had to go to my mother-in-law funeral.  Been gone since friday 3 am.

The unknown about the whole thyroid thingy issue. ( i still don't understand it all)
family members (people in general) just get on my last nerve lately
Insomnia (right now, I'm getting about 3 hours sleep per night on an average)
poor functioning
brain fog ( I notice my work ethics is starting to be affected)
mental sluggishness,
poor memory, (memory is shot to you know where in a hand bag)

My appetite comes and goes lately.  Sometimes I forget to eat.

I wanna be like Stella....

Take care all
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5, I am having horrible pain in my feet and legs my muscles are so sore
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I would have to say right now I am a 10. Still waiting on news from the doc, and getting worse everyday. Depression has set in and it seems that the Synthroid isnt working like its supposed to. Still getting out of bed and doing my 12 hours of work, hopefully some answers and changes will come soon.
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About a 6.
I just got my labs and my TSH went from 1.42 to 5.1.
I could tell something was up b/c I had lots of hair falling out, more fatigue and the worst--- increased dizziness!
This happened as I was supposed to increase my dose to get below a 1.4. Now it is like I gave to start over!
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I guess about a 5. I have gone from muscle pain, tachycardia, and general hyper yuck, to the beginning of feeling sluggish. I had hoped to get a week or 2 out of feeling since I had to stop taking meds.
I wonder how bad I'm going to feel in 5 weeks.

Status TT in May
was on 175mcg of Levothyroxin.
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I'm an 81/2!
feeling so much better and very positive since my scan came back clear.  Just waiting now to hear from the team whether or not - given my history - they will in fact still recommend removal of the remaining right thyroid lobe. I hope not as I am happy with being 'monitored'!
I also really like my new Endo - he LISTENS - hurrah!!

Going back to strictly gluten free diet has also helped enormously - I was feeling so low and there is nothing in the world like hot toast and butter with a cup of tea to cheer you up.  But no more!  I have to stick to the g/free as it relieves my symptoms so much.
Hope you are all ok out there?
J x
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I'm a  3...I'm not getting any better and I'm tired of waiting weeks between doctors appointments and still not hearing any useful information while I continue to suffer from feeling cold all the time, tremoring, puffy eyelids, really swollen joints that ache constantly, brainfog, extreeeeeme fatigue, lack of desire to do anything even though I used to be the most driven person, headaches, depression, mood swings, swollen/tight neck making it difficult to breathe.

I'd just like to know what's going on, but until then, I'm just keeping on keeping on. :-/
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I feel around a 3-4 today, I feel awful.  Tired, headache & tinnitus.  
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I would say about a 4.  
My body is crazy.  I'm trying not to go that route.  LOL.

Heart rate changes from 96-101 to 53-69 and back again.  Heart palps and chest pains I could do without.  My heart beat is throbbing in my throat?  Shooting pains in legs, edema, lightheaded and tired; yet wired.  Thrush I think is back.  Harsh headaches from nowhere and bloated (feel like a whale).  I'm freezing cold yet skin is actually red looking (but cold) and face is warm to touch but pale.  Then it switches again.  LOL  

So I say:  Stupid body.  Nothing fits together or makes since at all.....GRRRR

I have felt better; nevertheless, I have felt worse too.  I still have a lot to learn though.  
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I got my autoimmune results, my ANA's were lower (1:340)and TPO 1:840, I just have Hashimoto, what a relief. Bad thing: no medication......................; I still have anemia, ferritin is normal but low. Doctor told me that being tired is a symptom that is common to most of the people that have autoimmune disease, nothing to do, she gave me Mg (for my weakness ), iron (for 3 months, for my anemia) and pills for my insonias (just take SOS). Now I'm going back in September. VitB12, folic acid , calcium, etc were ok.
Now just wait until my thyroid starts to be destroyed....................That's Hashimoto
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