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How long does this take??

I've had thyroid issues for 20 years and have been on varying dosages of synthroid.  Over the years I've had bouts of swollen glands, exhaustion, depression and sleep problems.  Lately, sporatic lower back pain that feels like a kidney infection, but has been called a 'pulled something' by the doctor has been added to the mix.  Constipation and fluid retention is a constant issue along with allergies that peak and dip.

I recently went to the doctor with blood work that showed a high TSH level.  The doctor increased my Synthroid to .175 from .150.  She would not discuss Cytomel and did not want to refer to an endo.  She wrote an order for bloodwork in 8 weeks.

Honestly, I am so miserable that 8 weeks seems like an eternity.  I have no problem going through the internet and getting my own bloodwork done.  It really isn't that expensive any more.  I'm thinking that adrenal exhaustion may be a part of this problem as well as the thyroid issue.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's years ago when I was first treated.

Realistically, how long should I wait to get more blood work done, and what should I order to test for adrenal problems?  I know I need a new doctor.  Anybody know a good one in the Ventura or Ojai California area?  I just recently moved here from the Phoenix area.

Thanks so much.  This forum has been a world of help.  It really isn't just old age and hypochondria.
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I take it your doctor is only testing TSH?  And using that result to determine your dosage?  Shame on her!

You need also to have the Free T3 and Free T4 tested, in order to determine what treatment is appropriate. Those are the actual thyroid hormones and will give a much better picture of what's going on, than TSH, which is not even a thyroid hormone.  It's a pituitary hormone that signals your thyroid to produce thyroid hormones.  In many cases, it does not correlate well, at all with actual thyroid hormone levels.

You should ask about those 2 tests and if she refuses, you really need to find a different doctor.  Actually, since she refused to consider cytomel, it's obvious that she's not a good thyroid doctor.

It takes 4-6 weeks for a  dosage change to reach full potential in your blood.  Testing is recommended at around 5-6 weeks.
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Thanks, Barb.  I'll get my own testing done at about 6 weeks, then and look for another doctor in the interim.  My other doctor did not order the original tests, I did, and I did have tests done for T3 and T4 as well as antibodies.  I haven't looked at the tests she ordered for next time, I will again get it done myself.  I just don't have much faith in doctors actually listening to what is going on anymore, and I find that if I come armed with results already, I get a bit more attention.
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Totally agree with Barb.  I happened to think that you might benefit from this info, and keep it in mind as you discuss further with doctor.  


Also, if you will tell us where you are located, perhaps a member can recommend a good thyroid doctor in your area.
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I'm in the Ventura, California area.  I can go to LA or Santa Barbara.  I'm willing to travel as far as Phoenix, if necessary.
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